Spring Exit Interviews: D-Line

At the end of the spring football session Will Muschamp and staff meet with every football player about their progress from a career standpoint and current progress as it relates to where they are heading. The meeting is to talk about what they need to do to get to the point where they can be the most productive for the program and in some circumstances, whether they expect them to be productive.

We continue to break down the interviews for every offensive and defensive player on the depth chart from what we have heard and saw over the spring and here is where we are at. DEFENSIVE END

Jonathan Bullard: Sophomore projected starter at the strong side end spot.

Through January: Bullard had a strong true freshman season and was able to see considerable playing time and enough to know he will be a force this year.

Improvements since January: He missed most of spring drills with a leg injury, but is fine now. They aren't worried about a drop off now.

Needs to work on: Very little. Maybe work on his stamina as he will be asked to play much more this year.

Expectations for August: Dominate. Since the Army-All-American week of practice it has been clear that Bullard is a difference maker. Now it is time to show it week in and week out and on every play.

Bryan Cox, Jr.: Red-shirt freshman that gained a good deal of weight to play the strong side end.

Through January: Was nowhere to be found at the end of the season. Started making changes to his body just before January.

Improvements since January: He is a candidate for most improved during the spring. Really came on strong at the position and is a viable backup just needing experience at this point.

Needs to work on: With his body growing, he needs to tone it up for the position and be ready from a stamina standpoint.

Expectations for August: Just be a reliable backup. Play hard when his number is called.

BUCK Dante Fowler: True sophomore that played very well as a freshman.

Through January: Fowler was a dominant type of player when he was in the game a year ago. He can run, is very athletic, and can really play multiple positions.

Improvements since January: He's done a fantastic job of keeping his weight under control. A candidate to move inside as he was approaching 280 pounds near the end of last season, Fowler is down in the 265 range now and is determined to stay at the BUCK position. That 265 is probably an ideal weight for him.

Needs to work on: Just maintain what he has been doing and he will be asked to do it more often.

Expectations for August: Provide that speed demon off the end Florida has lacked so often in the last few years. He needs to be on the field a lot with his abilities.

Alex McCalister: Red-shirt freshman that was on the scout team a year ago.

Through January: McCalister was a terrific scout team player and drew the praises of the coaching staff during the fall for his ability to get after the quarterback.

Improvements since January: Not enough. He got better all-around and he improved on his stamina

Needs to work on: Still needs more weight and strength on his 6'6" frame. With that weight comes the need for stamina with carrying it around.

Expectations for August: Get to the 255 range and be able to run around with that weight on. Provide several plays a game to help with depth.


Dominique Easley: Senior that has played both end and tackle in his time here at Florida.

Through January: Dropped off a year ago in terms of on-field production, but stayed away from the many penalties that scarred his sophomore season.

Improvements since January: He is focused in his "contract" year on campus. He is more natural at defensive tackle, so this could be a big season.

Needs to work on: Just staying focused and being a leader of this relatively young defensive line group. He has all the physical tools to be dominant.

Expectations for August: All-SEC is what should be expected. He hasn't played consistently enough yet to live up to that, but he has it in him.

Damien Jacobs: Senior defensive tackle that is slated to start at the NOSE.

Through January: Didn't do much in his first year after junior college, but finished the year playing pretty well.

Improvements since January: Made great strides in the spring and made himself into the starter heading into fall drills.

Needs to work on: He needs to try and be a two-gapper if possible. He won't be asked to make plays but to take up space so he needs to work on his strength a little more before fall.

Expectations for August: He will be in a fight for the position but he has the lead right now. Maintain his consistent play and get stronger with off-season workouts.

Leon Orr: Junior who is a backup at the NOSE.

Through January: Orr has seen spot playing time in his first two years of action. He's made a play here or there, but never been in a position to earn much playing time.

Improvements since January: Has gotten much better at keeping his pads low, a must in the trenches. He has toned up his body and isn't sloppy.

Needs to work on: Still more work on pad level and just playing tough. The effort is always there.

Expectations for August: Push starter Jacobs for the spot. An upperclassman now this is the time for linemen to make a move.

Darious Cummings: Junior and transfer from East Mississippi Junior College.

Through January: Signed and played for FSU a few years ago before becoming disillusioned and going to junior college.

Improvements since January: Came in real sloppy and trimmed up quite a bit over the course of the spring. He has terrific punch and explosive strength when faced up with his opponent.

Needs to work on: Still work on the stamina and getting in better shape. He has some very good tools otherwise.

Expectations for August: Be a reliable backup for Easley and able to step in if there are times they want Easley to play on the outside. This seems probable at this point.

Joey Ivie: True freshman defensive tackle that arrived as an early enrollee in January from the 2013 class.

Through January: High school star in Pasco.

Improvements since January: Made tons. Added some nice weight to get to the 270's. Has a lot to learn but learning quick.

Needs to work on: More weight and strength. Has a great motor and work ethic.

Expectations for August: I don't think they expect much but this one could surprise because of his work ethic. The jury is still out for his first year on campus, but has a promising future.

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