Delroy Baker is a Hoosier

The Indiana Hoosiers have added another important piece to the 2014 recruiting class as Delroy Bakers has joined the Hoosier Nation. The 6'6 273-pound offensive linemen was down to Florida and Indiana for his final two teams.

Delroy Baker checks in from Ocala (FL) West Port high school and has come to a decision on where he will play his college football.

"The staff at Indiana were ecstatic when I told them I wanted to be a Hoosier. They were doing chest bumps and stuff just like a big family. Coach Frey and I are a lot alike being that we're both Florida boys from the heart and he also played tackle in his day, but I am really excited about playing for him and the Hoosiers I know he's done allot for his players in his day, so that's very exciting to!"

This is a very exciting time for Baker and his family.

"This is a very exciting decision and not only am I hyped but my family just as hyped if not more! A lot of people message me and talk to me and ask why so early? My response is always the same three things. 1.This will take away and also add a lot of pressure from my recruiting life, you know random coach calls and media calls, which I don't mind at all but just when it becomes excess. 2. Now I can finally get settled and start back working out and training for this upcoming season with my teammates! I mean we're trying to build a championship TEAM! 3. If any other team really genuinely wanted to offer by now they would have not later in the season or after because even after you get away from the hype as a college team of "oh I really want this guy because (hypothetically) Alabama offered him." I believe there are those schools and coaches that really want to coach me or any other player for that matter. Many things went into making this decision, a lot of pros and cons. They ranged from academics starting with my major all the way down to athletics and who they are sponsored by so A LOT!"

Baker loves playing in the trenches.

"I'm very active and my coach always tells us even if we don't know where we're going at least hit somebody! One thing I'll say is that I like to play consistent."

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