C'yontai Lewis visits the Swamp

C'yontai Lewis picked up an offer from the Gators last month and committed shortly after. The 2014 tight end of Tuscaloosa County (Northport, AL) recently visited Florida for camp and had a great time working with his future coaches.

Cyontai Lewis had a great time on the Florida campus and especially enjoyed working with his future position coach, UF Tight Ends Coach Derek Lewis.

"I went out there did well, killed the DBs, Coach (Derek Lewis) worked with me one-on-one, got me right. Then we went into one-on-ones and out was out there killing them," he said.

"I like a coach like that, he keeps it real with you, tells you want you need to work on and gets you straight if you mess up."

The three-star tight end said Coach Lewis said he needed to get a little bigger, but his skills on the field are impressive.

"I gotta get big, get in the weight room and gain weight. He told me he likes everything else about me, that I'm a beast," Lewis said.

Florida looks to sign two tight ends in this class and Lewis said the coaches have been straightforward with him about it. He's fine with it and has no problem competing for the spot.

"They're telling me they need me, their weakest spot is the tight and they need another tight end and they think I'm the person so they said they want me," he said.

"If we're going for it we've got to compete to get that spot."

The 6-foot-5, 212-pound athlete has been doing a little recruiting for the Gators as well, specifically when it comes to his cousin, Alabama running back commitment Bo Scarborough. Lewis says it'll be tough to pull Scarborough from the Tide, but he's still going to try.

"It's going to be hard trying to get him to come out there from Bama, because they love him, but you know, I'm not going to give up on him," he said.

Florida State recently offered Lewis and he and his 7on7 team stopped by on the way to the IMG 7on7 National Championship this past weekend.

"They're alright, I like the school, the coach is good. We went up there and met the coaches and everything, saw the facilities, I liked everything," he said.

Still, Lewis remains solid to Florida and it's the only other definite visit on his calendar this summer.

"Miami wanted me to come down there to their camp, Alabama wanted me to come to their camp, but I don't know if I'm going to go to anymore camps, I'm going to go to Florida's camp in July on the 26th but that's probably it."

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