Bailey says it's time for work

For some who enter the college football world, it is more than just new places and faces… it is another step to prove themselves. Former Seffner Armwood star athlete Alvin Bailey is taking the business approach as he starts his career. Team goals first, but he isn't holding the door for anyone as he tries to get on the field and contribute to the team as much as possible.

Alvin Bailey is rooming with fellow receiver Marqui Hawkins and really anticipated his arrival on campus Tuesday when he spoke to us earlier in the week.

"I am real excited about the situation," he said. "I just want to get on the campus and be around the team, the fans, and the students and just be at the University of Florida."

After the initial excitement wears off, Bailey says it is business time and he knows it will be a battle to see the field.

"I just want to go up there and work hard," he said. "I don't want to get too friendly. At the end of the day we are still a team, but I have to get on the field and play.

Joker Phillips is the new assistant coach in charge of the receivers at Florida. He has been well received among the new players and the ones currently on the team and wants Bailey ready as well.

"I talked to him a couple of weeks back and he just told me to be ready and prepared to work hard," he said of Phillips. "He's a great dude, very down to earth. He is going to push us to the limit… that's what I like about Coach Phillips

"They want me to be a slot receiver and do a lot on special teams. I definitely like that."

Bailey says he thinks he is right about where he nees to be physically coming in at 5-11 and 180 pounds. He is a slicer and dicer on the field , a real change of direction guy and has been staying in primo shape in the offseason.

"I will probably only gain a couple of more pounds," he said. "I feel real good with where I am at. I have been working with Reidel Anthony and Louis Murphy. I have been playing basketball to keep my fitness up."

Bailey has been stoked about the five receivers Florida signed in 2013. He knows they need an influx of talent and winning games will come easier with a dynamic passing game. He, Hawkins, Ahmad Fulwood, Demarcus Robinson, and Chris Thompson add a bit of everything to the mix with their arrival and bailey thinks they can be something special.

"I think me, Ahmad, Marqui, we can definitely change the face of wide receivers for Gator football," he said. "This group can definitely make a big impact."

As for what Gator fans can expect of him as a person and player…

"I'm a very humble funny guy and laid back," he said. "On the field I want to score every time I touch the ball."

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