Morrison's charges dropped

The charges against Florida sophomore linebacker Antonio Morrison have been dropped by the State Attorney's Office, multiple media outlets reported on Tuesday. The arrest was Morrison's second in a five-week span after he was taken into custody early Sunday morning after allegedly barking at a police dog.

The focus of this situation now changes. Florida head coach Will Muschamp released a statement on Sunday afternoon that Antonio Morrison would be suspended for "at least" the first two games of the season, keeping him on the sideline for the season opener against Toledo and the second week at Miami.

As of Tuesday afternoon when the charges were dropped, Muschamp hadn't changed his stance, but his statement left some wiggle room if he wants to change his mind.

"As of now nothing has changed with Antonio's discipline status," Muschamp said in a statement released on Tuesday.

The Gainesville Sun first released video of Morrison's arrest on Monday, and soon after, the case was being dismissed.

"The dismissal is based on the lack of evidence to warrant much less legally sustain those charges and the complete inappropriateness of pursuing court action against Morrison or anyone else, under the circumstances,'' State Attorney Bill Cervone told the Gainesville Sun.

Morrison's attorney echoed the thoughts to the Sun.

"I would say there was no evidence," Gainesville attorney Huntley Johnson said. "The actions of the police were embarrassing."

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