FNL: Gators get a spot in Yeargin's top 5

He's just trying to find the best fit. The Florida Gators seemed to help themselves with super linebacker Richard Yeargin and any thought he has been giving to being a Gator. For Yeargin, every step he ,makes in the recruiting process has a purpose. Every phone call he makes or takes, every visit along the way, they all have a reason for happening in his book.

Richard Yeargin had a little birdie, okay a big birdie in his ear while on the campus at Florida this weekend. Sophomore BUCK Dante Fowler looks to have a big year this season for the Gators and Yeargin seemed to take a lot fromo Fowler and the whole Friday night Lights experience.

"I thought tonight was great," he said. "It served its purpose and I am glad I came up. To drive four hours to see a school, you want to get the most out of the situation. I was looking to latch on and meet one of the players on the defensive side of the ball to get an outlook of what it would be like if I came to the University of Florida.

Fowler played a ton as a true freshman in the Will Muschamp style offense and starred in doing so. He was one of several freshmen that played a lot for Florida and that weighs a great deal on Yeargin.

"(Fowler) just told me a lot of positive things," Yeargin said. "He gave me some good encouragement on some reasons why I should consider the University of Florida as one of my top schools.

"His word carries a lot of weight and if he says it is legit, it is probably legit."

Yeargin rattled off a few positives in favor of the Gators at this time.

"Where it is at, the environment, the coaching staff, the chance to play as a freshman… basically all those things that are important off the field as well as on the field," he said.

He is having a hard time limiting his top group of schools but rattled off a few.

"Right now for me it is Michigan, USC, Notre Dame, Clemson, UCLA, Tennessee, and more," he said. "I haven't narrowed it down to a top five officially but I will over the next couple of weeks."

He won't list a top five, but Florida has put themselves in good position so far.

"I can't officially say," he said about naming a top five. "But I would say the University of Florida has secured a spot (in the top five)."

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