Gators trying to be explosive

The Florida offense under Will Muschamp won't ever be a high-flying attack. The Gators want balance, controlling the clock with toughness through the run game. There's still plenty of room for improvement through the air, and Florida offensive coordinator Brent Pease thinks it will happen this year. The Gators have a second-year starting quarterback and a maturing group of playmakers.

The start of an improved offense comes under center with quarterback Jeff Driskel. Heading into his junior year and second year as the starting quarterback, Pease believes his quarterback has the tools to break out.

Driskel could become the first Florida quarterback to collect a 300-yard passing game since Tim Tebow threw for 482 yards in a Sugar Bowl win over Cincinnati to cap the 2009 season.

Pease thinks Driskel can break the trend during a game this year.

"I'm confident on that," Brent Pease said. "I think he has the ability to do it. He has the ability to do it in this system. He has the ability to do it off his skills."

Driskel's better understanding of the offense goes a long way. He admitted on Friday that last year, he made throws that were late to the receivers, giving them no chance to catch it and get up field.

That's the difference in a second-year quarterback.

With his better knowledge of the offense, Driskel is fixing that. He knows his reads in the offense better. Early in the 2012 season, he took too many sacks because of uncertainty after the snap. Now, he's getting the ball out before a receiver even makes his break, which should add extra yards after the catch this year.

"Sometimes you've got to get that way by throwing shorter passes because you've got to make the yardage up against teams that pressure a lot," Pease said. "You've got to get in a dink-and-dunk game because teams play a lot of quarters. Just depending on the scheme that we're going to face, we face some better quarters teams, we're not going to hit a lot of throws over the top.

"We don't spread teams out in all this spread offense and throw the ball all around all the time where eventually -- our game is we're gonna wear 'em down up front."

Pease also took some blame for the issues on offense last year. He admitted to not taking enough chances down the field with his paly calls.

"I think some of it is on me," he said. "I have to be willing to pull the trigger and let them preform it."

Driskel returned to practice on Thursday night after his appendectomy, but the positive vibes coming out of camp about his performance are because of what happened in the spring and summer. Players saw a new man under center. Driskel became a leader and took charge of the offense.

The Florida players think this will be the year he's known throughout the country.

"All of these people are talking about these great QBs and (Driskel) isn't even in the conversation," Florida tight end Kent Taylor said on Twitter. "I can't wait for him to break out this year."

TWO-TIGHT END SETS: Clay Burton saw plenty of time at tight end last, but two-second year players could eat into his time on the field this fall. Kent Taylor and Colin Thompson were the top two tight ends in the country when they signed with Florida together, and this could be their breakout season.

Thompson took a redshirt last year because of a broken foot while Taylor stood out in Sugar Bowl practices, even earning late reps and a touchdown catch before the game ended. The two's friendship played into them signing together at Florida, but it hasn't kept them from battling for a position on the field.

Taylor can be a receiving threat

"You just go out and play in camp," Thompson said. "People look at it like it's gonna be a heated rivalry, but at the end of the day you put the Gator helmet on and go out together and compete. The coaches put you in the best position for what you can do. Kent, Tevin, Clay and I all do different things, but at the end of the day we're trying to achieve the same goal."

MCMILLIAN MAKING AN IMPACT: Florida head coach Will Muschamp said in early August that freshman linebacker Daniel McMillian is fighting for a starting job at linebacker. Through the first week of camp, his teammates expect the same thing.

McMillian was on campus for all of spring practice and is carrying that experience into fall camp.

"I would stay instincts," Florida linebacker Michael Taylor said of McMillian's best attribute. "He's fast. He can get to the ball. If he knows where the ball is going, he can get there."

He's learning the defense and has a heads up because of spring practice, but it's not that easy. A veteran like Taylor knows how complex it can be to learn the Florida defense.

"It's a real complex scheme," Taylor said. "You aren't going to just pick it up in a matter of months. There's going to be new things going in that you don't know, so you're just going to have to adjust to it. It's just the learning curve of it as a freshman that you are going to have to go to when you're new to a scheme.

McMillian will see plenty of playing time this fall

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