Monday Practice: Top Five Surprises

It is the final day of open practice and Cody Jones along with Bob Redman from give you our final segment of ‘five practice surprises". These are things that our FG crew wasn't expecting to see on Monday and did see. This edition shows some promise for a few guys that have been a little down on the totem pole. We hope you enjoy.

A step up in production…

The tight end race still looks like it'll be situational usage of different players. Clay Burton will most likely end up getting the most reps, but Taylor made a few nice catches on Monday. The added weight is easy to spot, but the consistency hasn't been there in recent open practices.

He's the most natural pass catcher at the tight end position. Colin Thompson made a nice catch down the field and was open but overthrown by Skyler Mornhinweg on another. Taylor makes it look easy when he's open, but that has been the problem so far this fall. He had more success on Monday than in any of the three open practices this fall. – Cody Jones

Finding his niche

This might seem like a strange pick with Hunter Joyer locked into the fullback job, but Ajagbe has the athleticism to make a role for himself on the team. Will Muschamp mentioned on Monday morning that they've considered using him in more of an H-back role, featuring him more in the passing game.

Ajagbe has the body to make that happen. He looks more like a true tight end with his 6-3, 243-pound frame and was used multiple times on short throws during Monday's practice. Joyer is expected to return next week after a hamstring injury has held him out, but Ajagbe has stood out in recent practices and has the coaches trying to find a role for him on the field. – Cody Jones

That other guy…

After much deliberation and not wanting to add another fullback to this list, I decided I needed to do it anyway. While watching the position drills and the LB's vs. RB's, I was quite surprised that the best pass protector on this day was backup and redshirt freshman Rhaheim Ledbetter.

Ledbetter has been basically nonexistent in our reports and that isn't a good thing. On Monday, he took on some of the best linebackers he would see in the SEC and he really handled his own almost every time out. The kid is tough and he showed it Monday, and I am sure that is why they want to find him a new position instead of have him wander off the team. -- Bob

Signs of life

I am going to throw Quinteze Williams a bone today because my words haven't been kind to him from what I saw the first two open days of practice. For whatever reason Trenton Brown didn't get a lot of work today at right tackle and in his place they threw in Williams and the redshirt freshman from Georgia responded.

It isn't to say that he was out of this world good, but a good example of today's work was a one 1on1 battle with Jonathan Bullard and he stoned Bullard on his pass rush, stood him up and actually pushed him back. The play got an ovation from his offensive line mates who have probably been waiting to see something like that. Moments later, maybe living off of the adrenaline. Williams went up against someone else and won big, another ovation followed.

After a position switch and just a freshman, we shouldn't expect the world of Williams, but his play hasn't been good. Today showed that he can do it and maybe it will be a stepping stone to something better. --Bob

It's my "Ball" and you can't have it…

Neiron Ball was Johnny on the spot almost all day at practice today I saw at least three pass breakups from the junior linebacker and also a forced fumble. In a LB vs. RB pass protection drill, he absolutely hammered Mark Herndon shoulder high, forced him to spin sideways and to the turf. Ball has always been a guy that has performed at a decent level, but we got to see today what he could do when all cylinders are firing.

Remember Ball had a nerve disorder that kept him out the game two years ago He played the entire season last year with an ankle injury as well. We are finally getting to see Ball when he is healthy and I think we are really going to like his progression from here on out. -- Bob

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