Transfers with huge role on the OL

The Florida Gators had a slim three years in recruiting high school players along the offensive line. So it goes with massive changes in offensive coaching staffs and the recruiting fractions that happen because of those changes. But, Florida plans on fielding a strong unit up front anyway in 2013 and a lot will be in the hands of three new transfers.

That strong unit took another hit this week when Florida head coach Will Muschamp announced that starting right tackle Chaz Green will miss the entire season with a torn labrum.

The Gators released a two-depth chart on Monday and the Gators have eight different players filling the ten spots in that two-deep.

Florida took transfers from Maryland, Nebraska, and Georgia military (JuC0) in the last year and a half and all three players could play a prominent role this season and are represented in the two-deep. Junior Max Garcia, the former Terrapin is listed as a starter at left guard and a backup at right tackle. Sophomore Tyler Moore, formerly a Cornhusker is listed as the starting right tackle. And junior Trenton Brown is listed as a backup to Moore at right tackle.

Covering 40% of the two-deep, Florida wouldn't have such a rosy look on the offensive line without the transfers.

Moore has been a journeyman of sorts and the staff has cross-trained him all over the line, telling everyone that he could play anywhere. With the recent injury to Green, it shows how valuable he is being placed as the starter at right tackle.

"Real valuable," senior center Jonotthan Harrison said of Moore last week. "He fits right in like he has been here for four years like the rest of us. We love him and he works hard. He is a real strong guy, he's smart, and knows the offense. He is increasing his value day by day.

Before Green went down, he added a sentiment of just how hard it is to learn the offense and that Moore has done a great job of it.

"It is tough," Green said. "In our offense we are asked to do a lot and every play is different. Being able to know the whole offense it is a credit to how smart of a football player he is."

Green says that Moore and Garcia are already like veterans to this group.

"They have both done well," he said. "Moore had a spring with us and Max has been here for a year at practice. We kind of look at these guys like they've already been here and they are both doing very well. "

With green out, it moves junior college transfer Brown up a notch on the totem pole. Listed just behind Moore, brown should get some snaps in game one if the order stays as is. Brown is a massive 6-8, 260+ pound person and commands your attention when he walks in the room.

"That is a big boy," he said of Brown. "I know there are some big boys out there but that is a big dude. It is good having Trenton with us.

While being recruited, the Florida players got to know Brown. Green said it is a good thing he is playing with the good guys. "He came up a few times in the spring so I knew him pretty well," Green said. "I knew we needed this guy on the team. We all need to work on our craft. He has shown some very good things that we can use."

The Florida two-deep offensive line

LT D.J. Humphries (SO, 6-6, 295); Max Garcia (JR, 6-4, 307)
LG Max Garcia (JR, 6-4, 307); Trip Thurman (SO, 6-5, 313)
C Jonotthan Harrison (SR, 6-3, 302); Kyle Koehne (SR, 6-5, 315)
RG Kyle Koehne (SR, 6-5, 315); Ian Silberman (JR, 6-5, 291)
RT Tyler Moore (SO, 6-6, 312); Trenton Brown (JR, 6-8, 363)

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