Morrison apologizes for arrests

Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison said he was remorseful when meeting with reporters on Wednesday for the first time since he was arrested twice over the summer. Head coach Will Muschamp announced on Monday that his two-game suspension was reduced to one game, but Morrison refused to speak about any specifics that have happened in recent months.

"I want to apologize for getting in trouble the past few weeks," Antonio Morrison said. "It's sincere for me. I apologize to my coaches, my teammates and everybody for everything that went wrong. It's behind me. I'm moving forward from it. I learned from it. I just want to play football."

After that opening statement, Morrison didn't provide any details into what happened in either arrest or any of his conversations with Will Muschamp in recent months. He said the decision to speak to the media was made by him, but he also wouldn't specify what punishment he went through to earn his spot back on the team.

When asked if the coaching staff told him that he would be off the team with one more arrest, Morrison said that hasn't been talked about.

"Nothing's been discussed like that, and I wouldn't tell you either way," Morrison said.

"I just learned to be a better person from it. I'm still the same person. I haven't changed. I just learned a lot from the situation on how to deal with things and how to handle things."

After saying he learned from the incident, Morrison wouldn't say that he has changed his lifestyle off the field. When asked if he was done being out late at night, Morrison only said that he has continued to "take responsibility for the whole situation."

Florida players have talked about the suspension being meaningful to Morrison because of his love for the game. He echoed that sentiment, talking about the struggles of sitting out this week while his team takes the field for the season opener against Toledo.

"That's a lot for me," Morrison said. "Me missing practice, that's a lot to me. Me missing those days in camp, that's a lot to me. So it's all hard."

The summer wasn't much fun for Morrison either. He was suspended from the team and didn't practice with the Gators until the second week of fall camp. The team welcomed him back with open arms, and the time away from the game made Morrison appreciate things on the field.

"The worst part was being away from my teammates and not being around football," Morrison said. "I mean, what else am I supposed to do?"

While away, Morrison acted like he was still a member of the team. He continued to study his play book, work out and watch film.

"I do that either way," Morrison said. "I study film either way. I do extra stuff either way. I do extra either way. It ain't like I was just sitting down. I always work."

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