Leaving his mark

For many of the current players on the Florida Gator football roster, they came to Gainesville in quest of championships. In 2013, the roster has but one player that can claim a ring and that is because Jeremy Brown has been granted a sixth year of eligibility. Senior defensive tackle Dominique Easley, like many of his teammates, is ready to leave his mark.

Dominique Easley already does a lot to leave a mark for his time here in Gainesville. The eccentric quarterback crusher can be found dancing in between plays on the field, carrying scary toys to the game, and otherwise just being a little different. He is one of those guys that is hard to miss.

The Florida staff has been asked a lot about Easley and his antics, and they all defer to the fact that he is not a distraction for himself or the team. Simply, his fun loving nature is nothing they care to stop. They encourage the players to be who they are, as long as they are good people.

"A lot of freedom," Easley said when asked how much the staff allows from him. "They believe in family and family is being truthful to yourself, being who you are at all times. I'm gonna be me."

Easley had a chance to forego his senior season and head for the NFL. He would have been drafted somewhere with his size and overall athletic ability. Instead, he stuck to his guns about why he signed with Florida and he also listened to his momma.

"My mother, she wanted me to get my diploma," he said. "And… I don't believe I left my mark here at Florida the way that I want to leave it."

"(I want to be one of the best. Be called a Gator Great, I guess."

One of Easley's best friends is defensive tackle Leon Orr. The junior plays the NOSE for the Gators and is fighting for that starting spot right alongside Easley in the trenches. The two have had a tight bond since before they arrived in Gainesville for school.

"He's the one that actually got me here," Easley said of Orr. "I knew him since high school. He's the reason I committed to Florida. Our relationship is we're like brothers."

He puts Orr up there with himself in ability on the defensive line.

"We all came together," Easley said. "We all play the same way. We all understand what we want and what we want for this season. We're all expecting great things."

Easley says he can get his diploma in May which would be just four years to get the degree. But, first thing is first.

"We always won championships wherever I went," he said. "I believe we all want to win a championship. I just want to win."

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