Hollywood's Quick Post Game Thoughts

Trying to take the emotion out of the loss, here are some quick thoughts on issues facing the Florida Gators after losing to Miami 21-16. The Gators racked up yards and there were some decent things on both sides of the ball, but in the end there were some glaring things that need to be addressed moving forward.

First off, give Miami credit for getting the quick lead and then playing ball like Florida likes to play. Safe, control the ball and rely on your defense. But the fact is, Florida did a lot of things to beat Miami and instead they did more things to beat themselves.

This will look a list of the obvious, but so be it.

Subject 1: Not much to change on defense. After a slow start on defense and giving up two quick scores, they settled down and went after the Miami team kind of taking them out of any pass happy game plan they would have liked to do. This defense is faster than even we are used to and they played tough the entire game.

Subject 2: Time to be consistent on the fumbling policy. I realize you can't sit everyone for the entire game after a fumble, but holding some accountable and some not is something I don't understand. This of course is a little bit awkward when it comes to the quarterback, but he needs to work on his fumbling issues in practice. Turnovers in this game were the main issue in the loss, drive killers and scoring killers.

Subject 3: The skill personnel on offense that is being used is not good enough to recover from penalties. The penalties on offense have to stop. Defense isn't totally blameless here, but at the end of the day the defense plays winning football nine of ten times despite the penalties they make and the offense cannot recover from simple penalties at time.

Subject 4:The offense is still missing real play makers. Most of these guys are not making a play once the ball is caught or handed to them. At the end of the day, this is Florida and someone needs to figure out where the end zone is and make a play. That didn't happen against Miami. It is an off week. I am willing to give Matt Jones the benefit of the doubt for averaging less than three yards a carry, especially having his longest run removed by penalty, because he has missed so much time in practice. But a real play making running back needs to be on the field. We were solid running, but not anything to write home about Saturday. The same thing can be said at receiver. Hats off to Solomon Patton who finished with 118 yards receiving and Quinton Dunbar with 98, they need to get the ball more. But, the young talented kids need to be inserted. Into the game plan and the guys that aren't producing, giving up fumbles, unnecessary penalties out.

Subject 5: They have force fed Trey Burton at wild cat in the red zone too many times. They need to scrap it for a while and surprise some team with it down the road. They need to work on Burton not keeping the ball all the time as well.

Subject 6: They really can use some good news wit6h health on the offensive line. They spent most of three quarters in that game with three starters out of the game (Halapio, Green, and Humphries).

Subject 7: Time management and sense of urgency was appalling. This offense and defense has worked on fast pace stuff all fall in practice and you couldn't tell that at all on Saturday. Outside of the quick drive for a touchdown late in the game, there was never a sense of urgency on offense. Along those lines, burning two time outs was also critical when they couldn't stop the clock with Miami having the ball.

Subject 8: Major props to Dominique Easley. He has actually played better than I thought he would and he made life miserable for Miami for three quarters on Saturday.

Subject 9: Time to get Vernon Hargreaves on the field a little more. The kid is a true play maker and is going to do some great things at Florida. The talent in the secondary is obvious, but he is special.

I will have more, join us on the insider message boards to talk more about this team.

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