Breaking down the offense vs Miami

Given the nine points scored in the first 56 minutes of the Miami game by the Gators, without knowing exactly happened in the game, one would think the Florida offense was nonexistent. After reviewing it further there were quite a few really good moments for the Gators on that side of the ball. I painstakingly took the time to go through each play to point out a lot of what I saw.

Before we start with the break down here I need to be clear with a couple of definitions I have moving forward. A "Good Play" is a play that gets four yards on 1st and 10 and half the distance on any other down and distance situation, except 3rd down where a "Good Play" has to net a 1st down.

For "Explosive Plays", I would normally go with my definition of 10 yards for a running play and 20 yards for a passing play, but Will Muschamp and company list an explosive passing play at 20 yards or more. I will get into that and more at the end of the break down which follows.

Drive 1: (8 plays, 26 yards, result fumble) started at Florida's own 24
Good Plays: 5
Bad Plays: 4
The Little Things: On the first down play right after the personal foul call on Trey Burton. Despite the penalty call, the Gators are moving the ball seemingly at will and feeling good about it. They have Valdez Showers in the backfield and hand it off inside to Showers. He runs toward the hole hard from deep in the backfield, but a sweeping Hunter Joyer totally whiffs on his block on the play. If Hunter makes that block, Showers gets a minimum of 4-5 yards changing the play call on the fumble on the next play. Explosive Plays: (1) 22 yard pass completion to Quinton Dunbar that had he not unnecessarily jumped for the ball he could have turned and gotten more real estate.
3rd Down Results: (1-1), False start on a 3rd and 5, then a crossing pass ompleted for 10 yards on a first down on 3rd and 10 which also landed the personal foul penalty called on Clay Burton.
Drive Killer: the personal foul and then the fumble by Matt Jones.

Drive 2: (5 plays, 12 yards, result punt) started at Florida's own 18
Good Plays: 2
Bad Plays: 3
The Little Things: 2nd and 10, run play called. Kyle Koehne pulls from right to left from his guard spot. He runs a little wide and misses his block on the linebacker allowing the right outside linebacker to cover his gap responsibility. Matt Jones then has to run to the outside of that gap where other defenders are there. Jones had a Hunter Joyer leading the way if he could get to the right hole.
Explosive Plays: none 3rd Down Results: 0-1, 3rd and 10, pass to Dunbar over the middle it looked like a Tama-2 defense with two deep safeties and man underneath. He had no chance of making the play.
Drive Killer: The 2nd down run play. Put Driskel and the offense - in a very hard to manage 3rd and 10 and allowed them to send pressure on 3rd down and play deep safeties.

Drive 3: (2 plays, 9 yards, result touchdown) started at Miami's 9.
Good Plays: 1
Bad Plays: 1
The Little Things: On 1st and goal at the 9, Mack Brown is upended and goes for nothing. Looks to be the same play ment5ioned in the previous series except this time Koehne completely seals his guy, Hunter Joyer missed on the kick out block. If he makes that block Brown may have danced for the touchdown rather than Driskel on the next play.
Explosive Plays: N/A
3rd Down Results: N/A
Drive Success: Driskel 9 yard run for a touchdown. Defensive end bit down because of all the previous handoffs and lost contain. What you can hardly see in the video is the play side outside receiver actually had his defender follow him out of bounds at the goal line making it an easy run behind Joyer for Driskel for the touchdown.

Drive 4: 7 plays 54 yards, result INT) started at Florida's own 35
Good Plays: 2
Bad Plays: 6
Explosive Plays: (1) 46 yard pass to Solomon Patton. It was 2nd and 11 and Brent Pease dialed one up. Showers and Jones start out in the backfield before Showers moves in motion to the left. Play action fake to Jones who runs a flare to the right. Driskel under pressure throws it high and deep. Patton, who was running a post pattern beats his guy but has to cut back into the hash area and makes a great over the shoulder catch at the 21 yard line.
The Little Things: On the above play, Max Garcia lost his man up front and the defensive tackle rushed Driskel on his throw. If he had the chance to sit in the pocket a half second more, maybe he leads Patton to the post more and Patton scores on the play. We keep talking about red zone scoring, but sometimes your team needs to be able to score from outside the red zone. That isn't happening either.
3rd Down Results: 0-1, 3rd and goal at the 11. Driskel interception when he threw into triple coverage. Miami only rushed three on the play and it was actually blocked well. Instead of staying in or stepping up into the pocket, Driskel backs up and allows one end to run around the tackle that was blocking him properly. He was rushed at that point and threw the errant pass. Throw it away.
Drive Killer: Wildcat run by Trey Burton on 1st and goal at the 7. After watching the play several times in slow motion, both defensive ends pinched really hard and Burton should have probably handed off to the motion man on the jet sweep. But, had both tackles gotten just a little better piece of the ends they were blocking, the play was there for the taking and very well could have scored.
Drive Killer #2: A play later, 2nd and 11 and the Gators call a play action fake with a short post route by Dunbar. He runs the route to perfection basically getting to the toes of the defender and running to the post. The play action made the safeties bit hard inside. Dunbar gave an outside in shimmy on the defender causing him to freeze and then real quickly was the deepest man on the field. The ball was overthrown by Driskel who rushed the pass but was not even close to being touched on the play.

Drive 5: (11 plays, 56 yards, result Downs) started at Florida's own 28
Good Plays: 4
Bad Plays: 5
The Little Things: 3rd and 7 on the drive and Driskel drops back. Mack Brown in the game and he is in pass protection. Miami blitzes with five and when Brown stays in they bring six. Good protection, but Miami's Chickillo stunts over and finds a gap. Driskel takes a nasty hit, but finds Trey Burton for the crosser that nets 17 yards and a big play.
The Little Things #2: The above play and also a 2nd down and 6 at the Miami 21 yard line. Florida calls for a toss sweep to the short side of the field with Matt Jones. It looks to be opening up nicely as D.J. Humphries combo blocks with the defensive end for a while then passes the end off to Clay Burton. Humphries moves ahead to block the secondary defender and Burton can't sustain the block as the defensive end makes the tackle for a four yard gain. It was still a positive play getting four yards on 2nd down and needing six, but a little more on the block and that play nets double digit yards and makes the first down that they failed two plays later.
Explosive Plays: (2) A 17 yard pass play to trey Burton on a crosser and he gets most of it on his own after the catch. Also, a 12 yard run by Valdez Showers on a toss sweep.
3rd Down Results: 1-2, the above 3rd down play and then a 3rd and 2 at the 18. It is quite simple on this one. Max Garcia pulls from the left side and misses his kick out block on the pull. He makes that block and the 3rd down gets to the secondary.
Drive Killer: The following play from the one above is the 4th and one and Driskel sneak. First, I think earlier in the series is when Driskel got hurt. I don't think he relayed it to the sideline by this point, but it certainly wouldn't help him when he needed to make a tough yard. Second, they lined up three defensive linemen inside Florida's two guards on the play, basically taking away any chance of penetrating over the center. I believe a time out should have been called by the quarterback.

Drive 6: (12 plays, 66 yards, result fumble) started at Florida's own 21.
Good Plays: 10
Bad Plays: 3
The Little Things: Instead of pointing out a specific play here I am going to go a little philosophical. From the numbers above we see that there were 10 good plays and three bad ones on the series. A team with good skill talent that makes ten good plays on a single drive should have the ball in the end zone before that 10th play. Florida had an 18 yard play (pass to Patton) in the drive and a 17 yard play (another pass to Patton) on the drive. At some point the play makers need to take those things to the house. And honestly it didn't have to be those plays, somewhere someone needs to start making plays or move on to someone who can.
Explosive Plays: 2, he two mentioned above.
3rd Down Results: 2-2, Mack brown hits the hole hard for a quick 1-yard run on 3rd and 1 that was blocked well up front. Gideon Ajagbe gets the nice kick out block on a 3rd and 2 and Mack brown gets three yards on the play.
Drive Killer: Fumble by Trey Burton who made a play to get some tough yards after the catch but couldn't hold on to the ball. Another red zone mistake for this team.

Drive 7: (9 plays, 44 yards, result FG) started at Florida's own 41
Good Plays: 4
Bad Plays: 4
The Little Things: Is mentioned below in the "Drive Killer" but just a simple block that was missed or not carried out in full resulted in a loss of a yard on first down and doesn't let the offense "stay on track". Unlike the "10 good play" drive above, Florida started in good field position here and had a chance to make more of the drive with some consistency throughout.
Explosive Plays: (1) 16-yard pass play to Burton.
3rd Down Results: 0-1, 3rd and 8 and no one open when Driskel drops back. He has to throw underneath for a short gain to Dunbar.
Drive Killer: 1st and 10 and they run a jet sweep with Solomon Patton. The play was blocked well until Clay Burton gets thrown to the turf by his defender and makes a tackle for a 1-yard loss. Gators kick a field goal three plays later.

Drive 8: started at Florida's own 36
Good Plays: 2
Bad Plays: 2
The Little Things: Excellent call on 2nd and 13 with the draw play to Mack Brown. Brown picks up 11 yards after Miami thought pass and only had five in the box. But, had Quinton Dunbar , who has been a very good blocker over the last two years, sustained his block, it would have gone for a first down and the Gators wouldn't be punting two plays later.
Explosive Plays: none
3rd Down Results: 0-1, 3rd and 2 and a tough read option outside. Well defended and the only way it would have worked is if Driskel had faked the pitch and held on to it. As it was, Mack brown did a good job just getting it back to the line of scrimmage for no loss.
Drive Killer: Holding call on Tyler Moore. Cost the Gators 10 yards as they were approaching mid-field.

Drive 9: (3 plays, 8 yards, result punt) started at Florida's own 40
Good Plays: 0
Bad Plays: 3
The Little Things: I think this is the third time I saw this in the game where it made a difference and it probably happens a lot more than this. On 1st and 10, they call for a counter and the guard pulls (this time Koehne) he is sweeping behind the line and misses the block on the linebacker that came free. No way for me to tell if that is really his responsibility but it seems he has to clear the stuff at the LOS or in the backfield first. Matt Jones did good to get three yards on the play.
Explosive Plays: none
3rd Down Results: 0-1, Good protection on 3rd and 4. Driskel went inside to Clay Burton who was covered strong. Matt Jones seemed wide open in the flat on the right side.
Drive Killer: It was not getting at least four yards on first down and at least keeping the defense more honest on 3rd down with a possibility of running the ball.

Drive 10: (3 plays, 6 yards, result punt) started at Florida's own 20
Good Plays: 2
Bad Plays: 4
The Little Things: 2nd and 20 after a holding call on Tyler Moore called back an 18 yard run by Matt Jones. On the 2nd down play, Driskel drops back, Miami brings 5 and stunts up front bringing Chickillo around and inside and he gets free and unblocked. Driskel takes a nasty hit but throws a nice soft pass to Dunbar 20 yards deep on the has for a 20 yard gain and a first down. It was a really tough play on Driskel's part.
Explosive Plays: (1) The play to Dunbar above
3rd Down Results: 0-1; well-disguised blitz on a five-wide play. Miami faked one linebacker coming and then brought a defensive back. No doubt the left tackle checked out of the blitz by the initial guy showing it. Pressure on Driskel forced him to throw it fast and incomplete.
Drive Killer: Last first down of the series matt Jones runs for one yard, making it 2nd and 9 and harder to keep on track in the series. There was really no push on the zone play and Matt Jones had nowhere to run on the play.

Drive 11: (5 plays, 18 yards, result punt) started at Miami's 47
Good Plays: 3
Bad Plays: 2
The Little Things: Gators just get the ball after the Hargreaves interception. At their own 47 they start with two solid first downs on a quick pass to Dunbar for 11 yards, then a 12 yard run by Driskel on a gimpy knee. It's 1st and 10 again and they run an outside zone play and the edge is blocked well and I have no idea who didn't get the inside linebacker, but someone in the middle needed to skip the first level and get to that MIKE linebacker. He ended up making the tackle on what could have been a big play for Mack Brown and only netted 1 yard. Explosive Plays: (1) Driskel QB draw for 12 yards.
3rd Down Results: 0-1; 3rd and 3 and Driskel throws the INT to Tracy Howard on the rollout pass. We found out after the game that Trey Burton ran the wrong route and cluttered up the area. He drifted wide when he likely had a stop or option route three yards deep.
Drive Killer: The mental mistake by Burton.

Drive 12: (3 plays, 10 yards, result fumble) started at Florida's own 14
Good Plays: 0
Bad Plays: 3
The Little Things: 2nd and 10 and Driskel throws behind Robinson on a crosser. He had matt Jones on opposite side standing still and wide open a little deeper. May not have been a first down, but probably would have kept them from punting two downs later.
Explosive Plays: none
3rd Down Results: 0-1; max Garcia who was the starting left guard was moved to tackle after Humphries injury and whiffed on a quick pass rush from Tyriq McCord. Driskel with not enough time gets hit while in motion and a fumble is called. Miami scores two plays later.
Drive Killer: The first down play. Driskel keeps on an option and runs wide, Hunter Joyer totally misses his block and Driskel gets tackled for just a three yard gain putting the Gators behind on the chains.

Drive 13: (4 plays, 60 yards, result touchdown) started at Florida's own 40
Good Plays: 3
Bad Plays: 1
The Little Things: It's 3rd and 3 and Florida calls for a drop back pass. After two downs of playing Zone Miami goes to a 2-deep defense rushing four on the play. Very slid pass protection on the play as Florida leaves five into block. Driskel takes his drop and after a few seconds wander a little away from a little pressure he felt buying time for Quinton Dunbar to find a hole in the defense and the play nets 32 yards and a first down.
Explosive Plays: (2) The play above and the touchdown throw to Solomon Patton a play later. It was a perfect play call and look for Driskel as Miami was in a three deep safety look. Patton ran a skinny post outside of the left hash and as he made his break, Driskel hit him at the hash mark, the perfect middle ground between the deep defender on the left side and the defender in the middle of the field.
3rd Down Results: 1-1; The long play to Dunbar above.
Drive Success: It was all about composure on this drive. Miami wasn't playing at the line of scrimmage as much and so the threat of them coming all the time wasn't there. Florida and more importantly Driskel found the holes in the defense on the play.

Drive 14: (1 play,-7 yards, result TIME) started at Florida's own 20
Good Plays: 0
Bad Plays: 1
The Little Things: Florida used two time outs before they gave Miami the ball before their last possession. Miami got the ball with just over 2 minutes left in the game and was able to run off a minute and 40 seconds of the clock leaving the Gators with just 28 seconds left on the clock. Despite the gaffs during and after the one play they had, it is a different set of circumstances altogether if they have over a minute to drive.
Explosive Plays: 0
3rd Down Results: N/A
Drive Killer: The internal clock wasn't there on the only play of the drive. Miami rushed four and Driskel had a solid 4 seconds plus to get rid of the ball and waited too long and was sacked. He has to get rid of that most times and at the same time we are talking about trying to win the game at the end and under 30 seconds.

Breaking down the numbers

The Gators were ran 19 times and threw 16 times on first down, pretty even and a good thing.

Success or "Good Plays" on first down running was 7 of 19 or 37% on pass plays was 10 of 16 or 63%. Excellent ratio on pass plays.

I am one of those guys that scream at the television or silently do it in the press box when watching the game about 2nd and short (1-3 yards). I consider I a free opportunity to go deep. But when looking at the stats, the Gators ran the ball all three times in 2nd and short and were a success all three times.

As much as it looked like matt Jones may have struggled on Saturday, he was successful on 5 of 5 short or medium runs on 2nd down. It was the 2nd and long that was the issue where he was not successful at all on four tries.

Mack Brown was successful on 5 of 7 runs (from any distance) on the day, a very nice average for him.

Brown and Jones combined for a respectable 3 of 5 on 3rd and short.

The Gators had six explosive plays on first down, that fills their quota for all downs and should win ball games.

They had 11 explosive plays on the day. That should be way enough to win given the play of the defense.

The Gators did not run on 3rd and medium or 3rd and long in the game. Gators were 5 of 8 or 63% success rate on 2nd and long. That is a pretty good number.


After going over it in slow motion and many times, I can't throw in the towel on Matt Jones. That doesn't necessarily mean he should have been such a large part of the game plan on Saturday because he was just back from illness, but he did have some nice plays and a great deal of his bad plays were the result of others blocking.

One thing we can take away from the stats is when they run wide , they need a speed guy. I am not sure that Matt Jones was full speed on Saturday, but when they ran wide with Driskel, Showers, or Patton they were generally successful. That trio of players went 4 of 4 successfully on 2nd and long runs. They have to find another back that can hit that edge that fast and that is why Showers is on offense.

Brown is not that guy, a solid runner, but not fast. Matt Jones was not that guy on Saturday but we will have to wait and see on him. Valdez Showers is behind on the offense but catching up fast. I don't think it is Mark Herndon, but don't know that. The bottom line is Kelvin Taylor needs to get some looks and get a chance.

Continuing with the running game, outside of the failed quarterback sneak, Jeff Driskel was 4 of 6 on success in running plays. He isn't the pocket passer they want and now he is hurt, but if he is going to be a successful quarterback at this level, he is going to have to run the ball and use his skills in that area to help his team. I totally believe it is about keeping him healthy as to why they don't do more of it, but in my opinion he has to be that guy.

The offensive line actually pass protected pretty well. Miami disguised a lot of their pass rush and did land a couple of sacks when the offensive tackles just got beat, but there was time for Driskel to throw and they threw it a lot on the day.

They are banged up though and I thought they did not run the ball well at all and I put a lot of that on the guys up front and the tight ends and fullbacks that really didn't do their job in that department as well.

Solomon Patton is starting to emerge as a stretch guy, but he is the only one that they use right now that can get deep. They need more than that including more of Loucheiz Purifoy, or Demarcus Robinson, or Ahmad Fulwood. They have to have guys that can stretch the field. That also means they need to go in another direction at tight end. Clay Burton is not a passing threat and honestly didn't have a good day blocking on Saturday. This is another place they need to make a move with the young guys in my opinion.

Along the play calling lines… I agree about junking the ‘wild cat' with trey burton for a while anyway. Bring it back when teams haven't prepared for it. I believe they bring it in the red zone because of the issues Driskel may have in that area. Still, they only used it one time on Saturday, although it went for (-4) yards it didn't leave that much of a mark on the day.

Just looking from series to series they seemed to mix up the play calling a great deal. You can pick on the quarterback sneak which likely should have been a time out called after the defensive alignment. There are other single calls to pick on in the game. The bottom line to me is personnel issues and execution of the plays.

And before everyone jumps me about just picking on the player, I believe the personnel and execution issues are on the coaching staff as much as anyone. The part I can't look past is that they put the guys out there that they feel won't turn the ball over or cause penalties and when that doesn't happen, are they willing to make a change. That we will have to see.

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