Muschamp Teleconference; LSU Week

Florida travels to baton Rouge to take on perennial power LSU on Saturday. The Gators head to the bayou with a 4-1 record and will look to keep things going. Florida head coach Will Muschamp spoke to the national media about his team and the big game on Saturday.

Will Muschamp injury report: Marcus Roberson practiced his best practice since he's been back. He'll be full speed Saturday. Jarrad Davis was back at practice, but non-contact. He'll be able to play in the game. Alex Anzalone sprained his ankle in the game and will be out for the game (with LSU).

Q. How far has Solomon Patton come?

Will Muschamp: "Solomon is having a special year. He is playing extremely well and at a high level. He is running refined routes, at the right depth, he's catching the ball well. He missed a couple earlier in the year, but he is a very explosive gy. He has big time top end speed and can get on top of you in coverage. In underneath routes, one missed tackle or missed angle and he is a guy that can score immediately.

"He has worked himself into a situation where we had tremendous confidence in him and as a receiver. He always had the explosive ability to take the distance, but he has certainly improved his route running and those things."

Q. Were you ever sure he would get to this point? Dis you first think he would be limited in What he can do in the offense?

Will Muschamp: "I do think sometimes that smaller guys are hard to throw to, especially across the middle and the high outside balls because of the length of some of the corners. He's a guy that has really improved himself on the line against press coverage, of course he is a guy that sees it every day in practice against good corners. He works extremely hard."

Q. Can you do things in the offense with Tyler that you couldn't do with Jeff?

Will Muschamp: "I think we are just taking care of the football better. Tyler has been a guy that can create some off-rhythm plays for us. That is very difficult to defend. We've improved ourselves as a scrambling team, but we've improved ourselves throwing the ball overall as a football team to start the year and improved during the year. I think that is what I have seen from game one to now. We've taken steps forward in the passing game every week."

Q. is it fair to say Florida and LSU have undergone a role reversal in terms of Florida being a more physical team and LSU being more finesse?

Will Muschamp: "No, I think you watch LSU and they are balanced offensively, they run it as well as anyone in the league. Obviously teams are trying to outnumber them in the box and Zach has been very accurate with the football completing 70% of his passes. The thing that impresses you the most is the accuracy on the deep balls. Beckham and Landry are outstanding on the edge. They are a physical football team and continue to run the ball well and very balanced.

"We have done a great job of recruiting defensive and offensive players and developing those guys. We just have some good players on the defensive side of the ball and in the front seven right now."

Q. What area has Tyler Murphy made the greatest strides? Was there ever a time when you thought Tyler was pushing Jeff for the job or did you think it would be Jeff because he was the starter last year?

Will Muschamp: "We don't ever look at it as being a starter last year. It's all about competing every day. You look across the board at any position on our football team, if guys aren't performing at a high level, we will go with another guy. Jeff had a great camp, and played well. He played well against Toledo and there are some decisions he would like to have back against Miami.

"Tyler took major strides when Driskel was out with his appendix during camp. I saw a different Tyler Murphy. I saw a guy that had great command of the offense, he had confidence and his teammates had confidence in him. He has done a fabulous job of being a quarterback at the University of Florida."

Q. Have you done anything differently preparation wise this week to prepare Tyler for his first true road test this week?

Will Muschamp: "We pump big crowd noise really during training camp for our offense and defense from about the 6th practice in training camp and all team periods. You have to have your players being comfortable in being uncomfortable. We've pumped in a lot of crowd noise throughout this week for our offense and we do for our defense at home. It is very loud to play defense here in The Swamp. Tyler is a cool customer and is a guy that has a lot of confidence in what he's doing. He's smart and will handle the situation very well."

Q. When Mike Gillislee took off last year and performed the way he did you said you wished you had played him a little more the year before. Is there any feeling like that with Tyler Murphy and the way he has played?

Will Muschamp: "His production speaks for itself. You know we came a game away from playing for a national championship a year ago. We had a pretty good year."

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