Brown: Need better communication & execution

The Florida Gators struggled on offense on Saturday in Baton Rouge. Totaling 240 yards of offense, the Gators were handed a tough loss to LSU and done so in the style that Florida likes to apply to the teams they play. The LSU Tigers went out of style and ran the ball hard on Florida and shut down what Florida wanted to do offensively.

Florida misfired several times on offense with penalties, missed blocking assignments that led to big negative plays, running wrong routes, throwing wrong routes, you name it. It was a tough venture for an offense that keeps hoping to break out.

"We just have to execute better," junior running back Mack Brown said after the 17-6 loss. "Communication was pretty good, but a couple of times we couldn't really hear. We will have to watch film when we go back. It was just miscommunications."

LSU came into the game as the 10th ranked team in the country but it was their offense that had them ranked so high. Florida was hoping to do some damage, but found out that the Tigers were pretty talented.

"They were pretty good, but we drove the ball the whole game and didn't execute as well when we got to the other side of the field," Brown said. "We just have to come together. It was a tough game. We need to fix communication and execute better."

The Gators understand they need to come together and will work together as a team understanding that winning the eastern division of the SEC is still in their own hands.

"There are no pointing fingers," Brown said. "We win as a team and lose as a team.

"We still have everything in front of us. We have to pick it up. We have Missouri next week and we have to win. We get the bye week so everyone can get healthy. "Every game is a big win, but it is an SEC East game, so we need to come together and execute in practice. We just need to play ball."

Talking Kelvin Taylor

Sophomore Matt Jones started the game and ran well in the first series but was injured in the first quarter. Brown picked up some slack but also saw teammate, freshman Kelvin Taylor do some good work. Brown says they all need to work together moving forward.

"We have about four backs that can run, I felt like we all need to come together and do our job," Brown said.

He had faith in Taylor and that he would do a good job.

"Kelvin had a good week of practice and the last weeks he has been getting better and better," Brown said. "I knew when he got in the game and got his opportunity, I knew he would do very well."

Some of the things keeping Taylor off the field have been his pass protection assignments and just knowing the playbook at a level the staff felt comfortable with. It is nothing new for young players according to Brown.

"Pass protection is hard for everybody," Brown said referring to the learning curve for Taylor. "When you me in as a freshman and see different guys, different rotations, it is kind of hard to pick up.

"He's always been good, it just took time."

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