Another Close Loss

Ole Miss gave Johnny Manziel and the Texas A&M offense the football back with 2:33 left. Way too much time for the country's most talented quarterback.

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The Rebels had gotten the football back themselves with 3:07 left on the clock after Manziel scored on a 6-yard rush and a point after kick by Josh Lambo. It was 38-38.

Ole Miss started at its own 25. Three incomplete passes later, and it was punt time.

So what happened right there at the most critical time of all in the game?

"If you go look up the plays, I think you can see what happened," quarterback Bo Wallace said. "Everybody fought hard."

Bo didn't think it was just the last series that cost the Rebels the game.

"There's a couple more series that if we would have made plays in a series we wouldn't have to worry about that (final) series."

At 38-38, Wallace had a pass-run option on first down and chose to pass; an incompletion to Evan Engram. On second down, it appeared Ja-Mes Logan simply dropped a pass that would have resulted in a sizable gain. Then Wallace was incomplete to Donte Moncrief.

"It boils down to we had a chance to make some plays and (didn't and) they did when they got it back," said Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze. "There were a lot of things that could have happened that didn't."

Wallace said it all boiled down to Johnny Football getting one last chance.

"We fought hard. Just didn't make enough plays at the end," he said. "When you're playing Johnny, you‘ve got to put up enough points. At the end, we didn't put up enough."

The Other Quarterback

Barry Brunetti got a lot more playing time against Texas A&M than he had in other games. He rushed five times for 24 yards. He was 3-for-4 passing for 28 yards and two touchdowns.

"He always has a role going in, and we were determined to find a way to have some downhill runs and try to be physical," Freeze said. "That was the package we decided to go with, and thought he really gave us a pick me up. I was hopeful we would have another chance to get into that."

Freeze said most likely Wallace will remain the starter for next week against LSU.

"Yeah I think so. I have to look at what we think we can do. I think that has something to do with it," Freeze said. "Barry did some really nice things."

Brunetti said of the two touchdowns, "They were plays that we had been working on all week, and they worked well. They have been in the playbooks the whole season, but this week we just used them a lot more in practice."

I'tavius Mathers
Bruce Newman
The senior signal caller said the Rebe;s ahve to regroup with another top ten team coming to Oxford.

"We have a tough game next week with LSU," he said. "But we also have a lot of games down the stretch and a lot of football left. We still have a whole lot left to play for."

Bruised and Battered

Injuries are mounting for the Rebels. From 3-0 to 3-3, a tough schedule has taken its medical toll.

Freeze wasn't sure after the game who all the list included but he said he knew of several.

"(Mike) Hilton was out. (Robert) Nkemdiche was out. (Sederius Bryant) of course. Issac (Gross) was hurting. Already had Carlos (Thompson) and C.J. (Johnson) out. We've taken some hits there."

Jeff Scott is injured, but his teammates stood tall. Ironically none of them rushed for a touchdown.

Jaylen Walton accounted for 41 yards on seven carries; that's 5.9 yards a carry. I'Tavius Mathers rushed eight times for 31 yards for an average of 3.9 yards per tote.

"Proud of all of them. They did some good things," Freeze said.

Don't Target Me

There were a couple of targeting instances in the game where referees made a call, penalized a team 15 yards, and then reversed the ejection of a player. Both times it was Rebel players.

Freeze made known, when asked, about his feelings toward targeting.

"I don't like it at all," he said of the targeting situation. "It just doesn't feel right if they say it wasn't targeting for us to lose 30 yards in penalties. And then there were some calls right at the end that could have gone our favor in the last drive but they didn't.

"I'm not in favor of them saying it wasn't and you still get penalized. But nobody is (in favor of it), and certainly they'll revisit it after the year."

Ag Speak

Josh Lambo kicked A&M's game-winner. He said his quarterback is special.

Johnny's a beast," he said. "Week in and week out, we can expect greatness from him. It's so awesome to be part of a team that he gets to lead."

Aggie head coach Kevin Sumlin said

Both teams didn't always do everything right," he said. "It was great effort by both sides. Somebody has to win. Fortunately it was us."

A Proud Rebel Coach

Freeze had a message to wrap up his postgame press conference.

"I'm proud of these kids. They fought their guts out for this university and for these fans, and I'm very proud of them."

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