Hollywood's Monday Morning Quarterback

It is always tough to go back and watch the losses. But, what I always find when I do is that they aren't as bad as watching it live. When you sit and try and pick a part a game into pieces and take the emotion away, you can really learn some things. Here is a look at the offensive side of the ball from the LSU game.

I broke it up by drives and one thing we need to understand is what we call successful or unsuccessful plays. A successful play is 40% or more of the yards needed on first down to get another 1st down. Then 50% of the yards needed on 2nd and 3rd down.

I hope you enjoy it.

Drive 1: (14 plays, 60 yards, result FIELD GOAL) started at Florida's own 13
Successful Plays: 10
Unsuccessful Plays: 2
The Little Things: (2nd-2) Murphy drops back with play action. He sits in the pocket, Trey Burton runs a deep corner route that Murphy was looking for, but Murphy was just too late. Garcia was blamed by many on the play, but you can count four full seconds from the snap before the defensive lineman gets to Murphy. Garcia stoned the guy, he spun, Garcia punched him again and he finally broke free. Murphy usually finds the right guy which puts him ahead of others that have played, but he is a lot of times late getting the ball off and we see a lot of catches right at the sideline because of it. This time he was in the grasp of the defender and had to make a play for a one yard pass. Explosive Plays: N/A
3rd Down Results: (2-3), (3rd-1) Gators line up in jumbo formation. LSU has 10 in the box. Mack Brown gets great blocking up front for a first down. (3rd-1) Gators go 4-wide and Mack Brown in the backfield in pistol formation. Murphy runs an option left and pitches to Brown for 2 yards and a 1st down. (3rd -3) Gators at the 29 of LSU, tight formation. Watching the replay you can see that the play is supposed to be a power outside run. Halapio is pulling wide left and the play is beautifully blocked, but Mack Brown decides to run inside and only gets two yards meaning they settle for a field goal.
Drive Killer: (1st-10) at the LSU 36 and Matt Jones has a little hole inside, but when he goes to spin to get to the hole is when he comes up gimpy and he only gets 3 yards on the play putting the Gators ‘behind the chains' on that set of downs.
Drive Notes: The Gators called pass plays on 5 of the 13 plays in the drive, 4 of them came on 2nd down. Despite the fact that the call should have worked on the final run play of the drive if Brown followed the play like he was supposed to, it would have been a huge play. there has been some chatter that Muschamp was playing for a field goal there. Given the bunch formation and the 10 guys in the box by LSU I can't argue with that particular call. But, I will argue that the play before was a play-action drop back pass that Murphy had to scramble for seven yards t, he was looking deep and wanting to throw. Leading up to that last run in the play, the Gators were 10-12 in successful plays on the drive and the only run that wasn't successful was the one that Matt Jones was hurt. By the way, for all of the dogging on Jones, he ran successfully on 4 of 5 plays and again the lone play that wasn't successful was the injury.

Drive 2: (3 plays, 6 yards, result PUNT) started at Florida's own 25
Successful Plays: 1
Unsuccessful Plays: 2
The Little Things: (3rd – 2) 4-wide with Taylor in the backfield with Murphy. Read option and Murphy is watching the DE to his right to see if he crashes down on Kelvin Taylor. The DE freezes to cover the QB and Murphy was a littttle hesitant causing the play to move slower and partially tripping taylor. OT D.J. Humphries also allowed his man to crash inside and get at the feet of Taylor causing a 2 yard loss. Explosive Plays: N/A
3rd Down Results: (0-1), see play above/
Drive Killer: (1st -10) Kelvin Taylor thrust into action because Matt Jones went down and Mack Brown had a little ankle issue and was getting taped up at the time. Kelvin probably pressed a little bit instead of running naturally like does. He went for the hole he was supposed to and it closed quickly when Max Garcia lost his man who spun out of his grasp and made the tackle.

Drive 3: (3 plays, (-10) yards, result PUNT) started at Florida's own 28
Successful Plays: 0
Unsuccessful Plays: 3
The Little Things: (2nd -9) the Gators are looking to get the backs more active ion the passing game and they tried a few screens. This is the first of two that were blocked by the Tigers. Humphries needs to work on punching his guy to get him down when the ball is thrown and Murphy needs to get the ball up a bit himself.
Explosive Plays: N/A
3rd Down Results: (0-1), (3rd - 9) 5-wide set and LSU brings 5. The linebacker to the left of the offense twists with the defensive end and basically runs in untouched with the deception. Murphy had no time and lost 9 yards on the sack.
Drive Killer: (1st-10) Murphy decides to keep on option with Patton on a jet sweep. The right side DE plays it well again and the keeper only gets 1 yard on 1st down forcing them ‘behind the chains'.

Drive 4: (9 plays, 38 yards, result PUNT) started at Florida's own 25
Successful Plays: 4
Unsuccessful Plays: 5
Explosive Plays: 1
3rd Down Results: (2-3), (3rd - 1) After being stoned a play earlier, Mack Brown drives ahead for 2 yards and the first down. (3rd - 7) Murphy drops back and has time can't find anyone, finally gets flushed to his right and moves outside to find Solomon Patton running back to help him and land a 19 yard pass play. (3rd – 5) 6-man protection with a 7-man rush. Some receiver has to cut his route short and make a target for Murphy. That doesn't happen, he gets flushed and is almost picked on a downfield throw.
Drive Killer: (2nd - 5) Murphy on a play action roll out to his right has Dunbar open 12 yards deep and overthrows the junior receiver for an incompletion leading to a 3rd down they wouldn't convert.
Drive Note: The overthrow by Murphy was a pretty big one. Completing that pass would have put the gators in field goal position. Who knows what they would have done from that point, but 3 points right before half would have been nice.

Drive 5: (5 plays, 16 yards, result PUNT) started at Florida's own 34
Successful Plays: 3
Unsuccessful Plays: 2
The Little Things: It was a good short series for Mack Brown who hit the hole hard on three consecutive runs for 5 yards, 6 yards, and 5 yards. Brown isn't explosive in terms of the home run ball, but he a steady work horse back and the one I would want on short yardage every time.
Explosive Plays: N/A
3rd Down Results: (0-1), (3rd - 5) Murphy drops back and with LSU n a zone, nobody seems to get open, He dumps the ball down to Mack brown for no gain.
Drive Killer: (2nd - 5) A little flare pass to Valdez Showers to the left. Showers has been the best of the backs when they can get him outside quickly, but on this play LSU was in man and the linebacker came up and made the one-on-one play. That is something the backs have to be better at.

Drive 6: (12 plays, 46 yards, result PUNT) started at Florida's own 13
Successful Plays: 4
Unsuccessful Plays: 8
The Little Things: Just want to point out something in praise of Murphy. In the explosive quarterback keeper listed below, it is just one of the many things this kid is being asked to do and only in his third year starting. It was a total pass play, he knew we needed 11 yards, and literally less than a second after the snap he took off and almost got the 11 on his own. It was enough that they ran for a yard a down later and got the 1st.
Explosive Plays: 2
Murphy run for 10 yards on 3rd down as told below. (2nd - 4) Kelvin Taylor runs to the left behind pulling guard Halapio and lead blocker Gideon Ajagbe. Both blockers get enough of their man so that Taylor only has to run through a couple of arm tackles and he picks up 11 good yards on the play.
3rd Down Results: (1-3), (3rd – 5) Roll out to the right and Murphy finds Burton for 6 yards and a 1st down. (3rd-11) 6 - man protection and a drop back pass, Murphy sees a quick opening on the left and takes off running for 10 yards setting up a 4th down conversion. (3rd – 13) 5-man protection and LSU twists with just four rushers and one comes free with the confusion. Murphy is forced to throw quickly and gets the ball to Ahmad Fulwood for just 5 yards.
Drive Killer: (1st - 10) Toss right to Mack Brown. Right guard Tyler Moore is supposed to slide left and then go take the most dangerous man. He doesn't get to the block in front of him and the linebacker makes the play for a 3-yard loss.

Drive 7: (10 plays, 41 yards, result FIELD GOAL) started at Florida's own 49
Successful Plays: 7
Unsuccessful Plays: 3
The Little Things: (2nd – 6) Murphy sees a wide open middle of the field and with 4 wide and 5-man protection he hits Dunbar for a quick slant that nets a first down. Just another glimpse at what Murhy is doing different than his most recent predecessors at the position.
Explosive Plays: 2
(2nd – 5) Taylor takes a toss wide and it was one of those plays that shows the difference between he and the other guys in terms of their ability. After getting the pitch he sells the outside run, plants his right foot and dashes inside in a burst for 10 yards. (1st – 20) After a holding call that nullified another 10+ yard run and backed the Gators up. An excellent call on a draw play opens up a huge hole for Kelvin Taylor to rumble 14 yards and negate all of the penalty yardage.
3rd Down Results: (1-2), (3rd-1) Quarterback sneak, too hard to tell if he got it, but did get personal foul for defender pulling his helmet off. (3rd-9) Murphy play action on a jet sweep from Patton and the plan was to roll right where Patton and Burton were moving. Then he was to throw back across to a wide open Tevin Westbrook. It was tight quarters but kelvin Taylor was supposed to block in on the defensive end, he missed his assignment, ran into Patton and the end made the play on Murphy who had to throw the ball all away. The play was wide open and possible touchdown.
Drive Killer: (1st – 7) An ill-advised play call with all 11 offensive guys bunched and 10 in the box. Ajagbe missed a kick out block, but the run from Taylor wouldn't have netted more that 2-3 yards anyway, instead he went backwards for loss of 2 yards.

Drive 8: (3 plays, 0 yards, result FAKE PUNT) started at Florida's own 25 (This drive split at the fake punt)
Successful Plays: 0
Unsuccessful Plays: 3
Explosive Plays: N/A
3rd Down Results: (0-1),
(3rd – 10) 5-wide and a 4 man rush with three linemen and a linebacker. The linebacker comes untouched off of the OL's right side and forces a quick throw for just 5 yards.
Drive Killer: (1st – 10) Draw play and just nowhere to go for Mack Brown who gets nothing on the play.

Drive 9: (10 plays, 13 yards, result DOWNS) started at Florida's own 44
Successful Plays: 3
Unsuccessful Plays: 7
The Little Things: Poise. He wasn't as poised as in the previous three games, but with a 4th and 9, Murphy drops back and hits freshman Fulwood for 15 yards on what could have been a huge play at the time. Explosive Plays: 1
See above. On 4th down and to a freshman none the less.
3rd Down Results: (0-2),
(3rd – 9) Drop back pass and Murphy spots Robinson mid-range but has his third pass blocked on the day. (3rd – 15)
Drive Killer: (1st – 10) Last set of downs. For the second time in the game, freshman receiver Demarcus Robinson isn't aware of the circumstances and doesn't square up his route on a pass from Murphy.
Drive Note: the last set of downs weren't pretty, but some things were not as they seem. Robinson missed his spot in the pattern on 1st down. Murphy overthrew an open Dunbar in the corner of the end zone on 2nd down with great pass protection I might add. On 3rd down, Humphries is called for false start. On 3rd and 15 it appeared that Humphries whiffed on the DE. Now I can't say for sure but to me it seems pretty obvious that Humphries signaled to the backfield that his man was to his right and not the end to his left. The signal seemed to be for Mack brown in the backfield to pick the end up on the play. Brown wasn't looking in that direction at all because the LSU line was so shifted the opposite direction. But, in fact that was exactly why Humphries was ready to slide away from the left side and defend to his right, it was a slide protection. Mack brown missed the assignment that resulted in a 12-yard sack. Murphy was sacked and stripped on the last play. It was Humphries guy, but it was enough time, almost four full seconds before contact.


When I started going through the numbers of the game I actually was a little surprised. Like I said before, once you knock the emotion out of a live game and go back and watch it, you can dissect some things and find some things you otherwise couldn't see in real motion during the game. Above you see all of the individual plays and how they may differ from when you watched them the first time. Now we can see some things that don't show up on the stat sheet.

What if I told you that Florida called 35 pass plays and only 32 running plays in the game? OK, they had 9 pass plays in a row on the last drive that they needed to conserve time, but the fact is Florida called 13 pass plays and 15 run plays in the first half of the contest. You have to take into account sacks as a called pass play as well as quarterback scrambles as a pass play.

So why is this an issue? It is an issue because everyone seems to think this is a three yards and a cloud of dust offense. In fact, Florida tried to throw the ball six times and run seven times on the opening series that went 60 yards.

Again after crunching the numbers, I don't think the offensive line was as bad as what we think we saw, at least in the run game. Of 32 total running plays, 21 of them would be considered a successful play. Over 67% success rate there.

On the other hand it was lousy in the passing game. On 35 pass plays called, Florida was only successful on 10 of the plays. If you look the last "throw only" series out, they were 7 of 26. That is roughly the same percentage.

In the two scoring drives they were 8 passes and 15 runs. That is probably about the best ratio for this team in my opinion.

After looking at all of this and really being surprised at the success rates, I think the big thing missing is more explosive plays. This is the single element we had issues with against Miami when they only scored one touchdown. And now they face a real conundrum. Do they start playing the young guys more now knowing they are likely the answer to get the explosive plays, or do they continue to work them in slowly so they don't have the serious mistakes we saw on Saturday.

I said it before and I will say it again, they have to get them worked in. I think they have done that with Demarcus Robinson to a decent extent, he just hasn't had a lot of balls thrown his way. They need to work more with Fulwood and they certainly need to have a package for Kelvin Taylor. Taylor actually had all three runs over 10 yards that were designed running plays.

I do understand the issues after watching this carefully and I do understand why they are cautious like they are. But, they have to get the guys on the field that can put the ball in the end zone and not have to rely on being perfect for 13 and 14 play drives. Give me the two play drive for 80 yards and a touchdown any day.

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