Muschamp disappointed in both sides

There wasn't much that went as planned for the Gators on Saturday. Florida quarterback Tyler Murphy missed practice until Thursday this week but played through a shoulder injury. While the offense struggled to find its rhythm, the Florida defense couldn't hold up its end of the bargain. The Gators gave up 500 yards for the first time since 2007.

The offense was only able to gain 151 yards. Tyler Murphy went 15-for-29 for 92 yards with one interception. The redshirt junior was sacked six times. Freshman Kelvin Taylor led the rushing attack with 12 carries for 77 yards, averaging 6.2 yards per carry.

The offense didn't do enough, largely because the offensive line couldn't give Murphy enough time in the pocket.

"Extremely disappointed," Will Muschamp said on his post game radio show. "Didn't play very well obviously. We're very inept on offense, can't do anything -- run or pass. We had a hard time protecting, had a hard time getting movement up front. We need to figure it out in the open week. We need to play better."

It wasn't much better on defense. The Gators allowed 500 yards to Missouri, as the Tigers started Maty Mauk in his first career game. It was the first time the Florida defense has given up 500 yards since it did to Michigan in the Capital One Bowl at the end of the 2007 season.

Mauk beat Florida with 295 yards through the air.

"Defensively, too many big plays. First play of the game, we give up a fade ball. The guy has to make a play on the ball. Second play of the game, they hit the corner route. We come out in the third quarter after Solomon (Patton) cuts it to a three-point game, they run four verticals and we don't carry the guy on the seam."

The Gators allowed 226 yards on the ground. Henry Josey led Missouri with 136 yards and one touchdown on the ground. Mauk added 15 yards and a touchdown.

"Most disappointing for me was the run game. We had six men in the box in most situations. We wanted to make them throw the football. We got bounced out of our gaps, gave up a 50-yarder. That was a back breaker."

Murphy had a shoulder injury that forced him to miss time at practice this week. The coaches wanted to see how he would handle the warm up on Saturday, and he was cleared to start on Saturday morning.

"He didn't have much of a chance today," Muschamp said after the offensive line didn't protect Murphy. "He missed practice until Thursday and didn't take many reps. He was a game day decision and felt ready to go. He's a tough kid, but we have to give him a better chance."

The goal now is to regroup and get healthy before the Gators face Georgia. Florida will have a bye next week to get the team healthy before the game in Jacksonville on November 2.

"We're going to regroup and be fine," Muschamp said. "We're going to work hard despite all the situations and circumstances. We're going to move forward and handle it. I'm a competitor, and that's what I expect this football team to be."

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