Muschamp Q&A: Another season ending injury

Florida head coach Will Muschamp participated in the SEC media call on Wednesday. Florida has lost the last two games of the season and is looking to rebound, but have to play SEC rival Georgia after a bye week this week. The week off will serve the Gators well to get healthy and work on some things to make a better show of it in Jacksonville.

Will Muschamp Intro: "Monday we ran and lifted. We had practice Tuesday and a good day. The guys came out and worked hard. We are going to start on Georgia today and Thursday they will run and lift on Friday.

"Ronald Powell, we will get him back next week. Tyler Murphy hasn't been able to throw this week. He will start throwing next week and will be fine. Damien Jacobs we hope to get back next week. Jeremi Powell tore his ACL in a non-contact situation and on punt block. Darrin Kitchens we aren't sure about right now he and his wife had a baby girl Monday night and he and with his family."

What do you make of all the injuries?

Muschamp: "It is one of those years. I had a good friend of mine and big Gator booster call me Monday and say "It seemed like last year we got banged up on the offensive line late in the year but we didn't have any devastating injuries as far as the players were concerned" We have had nine, surgical issues that have cost young men their entire season. I think six of them were starters. Last week we had Ronald Powell, Damien Jacobs, and Darrin Kitchens, were three guys starting for us defensively and didn't play in the game. It is one of those years. It is unfortunate, but part of the game. You have to coach and play through it. Around here we don't make excuses we just have to play better."

How much have injuries hurt the team and planning each week?

Muschamp: "It affects you. You go to Missouri and they are very explosive and no-huddle. They played about 80 snaps and we only had about 13 guys on defense that were healthy. That was tough as the game wore on. But, that is part of the game. You aren't going to hear us complaining about it and certainly nobody is going to feel sorry for us. We have to coach our guys to play better and put them in better situations to play faster. When you struggle you go back to technique and fundamentals. You need to simplify to get our players to play better and faster."

Has recruiting been affected by what has been going on?

Muschamp: "I think recruiting is going fine. We are in good shape there and it is what it is. I think anyone with a shred of intelligence can see the situation. It is frustrating, but we need to coach better."

Man down, man up… who are the guys that have stepped up?

Muschamp: "I think Tyler Murphy has played well. He has done a good job when we gave him the chance. Kelvin Taylor has done a really good job, he's a really instinctive runner and a guy that has improves each week. I am real pleased with him. Solomon Patton replaced Andre Debose on kick returns wand he is a very explosive guy. I think Darious Cummings does a nice job for us inside defensively. We have recruited and have some depth, we had a tough deal there last week and short some defensive linemen. When you have that many, it is hard."

Bye week, what do you hope to accomplish in the open date?

Muschamp: "We need to get the guys back (with injuries) a little more time for those guys. Tyler will heal up a little bit from the shoulder. We need to work on Florida… technique, fundamentals. See what we are doing, find out what we do well, and get our guys playing faster and with more confidence. I was very pleased with practice yesterday and our players responded very well."

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