Holywood Bob: From the Heart

Bob Redman has been covering Florida football in the Internet world since 2004. For the ten years prior to that he had many jobs working directly for the football program at the University of Florida. Acquiring the nickname 'Hollywood Bob' while working for the team, he has a different look than most with what goes on in the program. Here is his take in a two part, 9,000 word series.

Step inside to the message boards at Florida and read what Hollywood Bob is hearing and see about what is going on with the Gator program. Then, join us in conversation in the thread and add your own thoughts.

Inside we talk about Bob's thoughts on the season, the schemes and play calling, personnel being used by the football staff, critiquing the coaching staff, what the locker room (player feelings) is like right now, and a little dab into recruiting as well.

Give it a shot.

From The Heart Part 1
From The Heart Part 2

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