Muschamp Teleconference: Humphries Out

Florida head coach Will Muschamp spoke during his weekly SEC teleconference slot and the Gators have another big injury to report. He led off the speaking engagement telling us starting left tackle D.J. Humphries is out with injury. Most of the other injury news was better and Muschamp talked about his team preparing for Georgia.

Will Mushamp on injuries: D.J. Humphries sprained his MCL Monday at practice and will probably miss 2-4 weeks. He is a quick recovery guy and it's the other knee than the one he sprained (earlier). We are hoping just two weeks. Tyler Moore will start at left tackle and Trenton Brown will start at right tackle.

"Ronald Powell practiced yesterday and will be good to go for the game. I think he will give us some quality snaps. Damien Jacobs is good to go and Darrin Kitchens practiced yesterday, which is a good thing. Tyler Murphy's shoulder is fine, so he will be good to go. "

Q. What did you do to make corrections on defense during the bye week?

Will Muschamp: "Obviously I think getting Damien Jacobs back will help us, those two guys up front. We need to play blocks better up front. Our linebackers in the Missouri game didn't have much of a chance. We let guys up on the second level too easily and it sealed us off and cut us off from some of the run game issues we had. We worked on playing blocks up front better and settled things up front to get guys playing faster and better. Having more bodies in there will help us. (Freshmen) Jay-nard Bostwick and Joey Ivie have done a nice job and there is a possibility of them playing Saturday. We want to rotate more guys in there, stay fresher. We had too many free runners on our linebackers and it is too difficult to play holes when we aren't playing blocks well up front."

Q. How difficult is it to defend Todd Gurley?

Will Muschamp: "He's a back that whenever they block them or not he gains yards. He competes on every run, goes after it every play. He has the speed to take it the distance at any time. They do a good job of getting a hat on hat in the run game. Formation wise they get him in one on one tackle situations so we need to make those tackles. He's a big physical back that has really good speed. He catches the ball out of the backfield and protects well. He is a complete back, there is no question."

Q. What are the similarities between Kelvin Taylor and father Fred?

Will Muschamp: "I don't think it is fair to compare Kelvin to his father. He's his own player. He is a really good football player with natural running instincts. He is a one cut runner that gets the ball north and south and has special ability. What has struck me as we move forward in the season is him doing a better job of protection and some of the things you have to do at the position besides running the ball. He has really worked off the field on those things and I am really proud of him."

Q. How much would a win over Georgia take sting out of the season so far?

Will Muschamp: "Absolutely. It is a huge game for the University of Florida and the Gator Nation. We need to go over there and play well and coach well. There is no question it will help things but we need to take care of Florida and that is what we plan on doing."

Q. Did you feel bad for Georgia with all of their injuries?

Will Muschamp: "(Laughs) I hurt for young men. These guys put a lot of time and effort to play college ball. No matter where you are, the amount of time you put in for off-season workouts, spring practice, summer workouts… people don't realize the time they put in to play college football. They have 12 games to play and you don't want anyone to get hurt. That isn't good for college football or anyone. A Malcolm Mitchell is an outstanding player and has an injury, that isn't something you want to happen to anybody."

Q. What about the ability to protect Tyler Murphy this weekend?

Will Muschamp: "We need to improve and they have some guys like Jordan Jenkins, Floyd and those guys. Garrison Smith does a good job inside of getting a push. They have some good guys and we have to do a better job, that is for sure."

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