2013 TigsTools: Best Power Hitter

True raw power stands out like a sore thumb, and when that power makes the leap from batting practice to game situations, it can truly be something special to watch. The Tigers have several prospects with the chance to show big-time power in game situations and some of them are starting to realize that potential. Check inside for the details!

Best Power

1. Steven Moya (OF)
2. James Robbins (1B)
3. Aaron Westlake (1B)
4. Nick Castellanos (OF)
5. Jordan Lennerton (1B)

At this point, Moya may have a permanent reservation atop this list. With even more strength added to his six-foot-six frame during rehab from Tommy John surgery, Moya's batting practice blasts go beyond impressive, to truly jaw dropping. His raw power approaches the top of the scouting scale and as he continues to refine his hitting approach and pitch recognition, his ability to drive the ball in games has improved as well.

The Tigers top three first base prospects, Robbins, Westlake and Lennerton all provide at least plus raw power and in the case of Robbins, he has drawn some more impressive scores from scouts on occasion. All three come with warts though, as Robbins has serious swing-and-miss issues and Westlake and Lennerton have long, leveraged swings that can struggle with good velocity.

Outfielder Nick Castellanos moves up a spot from last year's list, actualizing more of his in-game power this year and showing true pop to the opposite field, as well as the ability to turn on pitches and yank them out of the yard. As he continues to mature physically and as a hitter, Castellanos has a chance to provide 20-25 home runs and 30-plus doubles a year.

Honorable Mention

Tyler Collins (OF)
Dean Green (UT)
Jason King (3B)

All three of Collins, Green and King can drive the ball on a line, finding the gaps with regularity. Their natural strength allows some of that hard contact to jump out of the park as well and all three show average raw power. Collins has the best chance to utilize his power at the big league level, but it will come more in the form of doubles and 10-15 home runs a year.

Projection Kings

Tyler Gibson (OF)

One of the Tigers toolsiest players, Gibson is an impressive physical specimen with natural strength and raw power. His swing can get long at times, but when he focuses on his mechanics, he can show exceptional bat speed. Gibson's power doesn't translate to games at this time because he struggles with pitch recognition and chases many pitches out of the strike zone, but you can't ignore the type of raw power he offers.

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