Muschamp expects more chances for Mornhinweg

Pushed into taking his first collegiate snap at South Carolina, redshirt freshman Skyler Mornhinweg did what was asked. He handed the ball off, got the offense in the looks it wanted and threw the ball just twice in the first half. That should change going forward. Florida head coach Will Muschamp said on Monday he expects Mornhinweg to throw more this weekend.

That's assuming Tyler Murphy doesn't play. There wasn't much certainty from Murphy or Muschamp on Monday about when -- or if -- Murphy will get back on the practice field. He tried to throw last week and felt shoulder pain that kept him from playing at South Carolina.

That forced Skyler Mornhinweg into a difficult situation.

Muschamp said on Monday that he threw the ball twice in the first half and 13 times total because of the challenge presented by the South Carolina defensive line. There were concerns about protecting Mornhinweg if he was asked to drop back and throw the ball often.

"I thought he handled the situation very well," Will Muschamp said. "We need to give him more, which we will. I thought he executed what we asked him to do. We had one procedure issue coming out of the huddle on a missed call, and that was it. Other than that, we were pretty dead on with getting in and out and getting the management of the game and taking the ball to the right spots. He made some nice throws when we asked him to. He made some good decisions in the game."

Mornhinweg hasn't been forced into the action in his Florida career. He's quiet and usually keeps to himself, but the son of New York Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg knows the game. That's why the Florida staff trusted him to make the correct pre-snap reads on Saturday in front of a season-high crowd at Brice-Williams Stadium.

Now, he's ready for more on his plate.

"I think I can be accurate with the ball," Mornhinweg said. "I'm confident in my ability to throw downfield. I'm confident in my ability to throw the ball."

Muschamp insisted that the lack of a passing game in the first half at South Carolina was due to the game plan, not a lack of confidence in Mornhinweg. He didn't have many reps in practice until last week. That made it difficult for him to know the offense and the full grasp on what the Gators wanted to do.

That could change against Georgia Southern on Saturday.

"I've got confidence that Skyler can go out and execute our offense very well," Muschamp said. "He did it in the spring last year, in camp when we had opportunities. "I've got confidence in as far as executing what we call, and putting him in situations where he can be successful. I feel much more comfortable about our offensive line after Saturday night with where we are at this point."

INJURY REPORT: Murphy threw lightly on Sunday, and Muschamp expects to know more on Tuesday or Wednesday about his status. Offensive tackle D.J. Humphries (knee) ran on Sunday but is still as doubtful for Saturday.

Cornerback Marcus Roberson also ran on Sunday, but Muschamp isn't sure about his status. The suspension has been lifted, and if he is healthy enough to play, he will be on the field Saturday.

ADDRESSING THE FANS: Muschamp called out a portion of the Florida fan base on Saturday night after the loss at South Carolina, telling them to "get a grip" as the team continued to struggle.

On Monday, Muschamp was asked if he understood some of the frustration from the passionate fan base.

"We have great fans here," Muschamp said. "It's a small percentage. It's just frustrating for me. Anybody that knows me, I care about the kids. It's just frustrating. For me, I'm fine with it. That's part of the profession. But for our kids, it's frustrating. They're working extremely hard, and that's who I hurt for. We have great fans. I'm talking to a small percentage of our fans."

Muschamp was also asked again about the vote of confidence he received last week from athletic director Jeremy Foley and president Bernie Machen. The plead from Muschamp to the Florida fan base last week and on Saturday was for a view of the program that he inherited three years ago.

On Monday, he pointed to appreciation for that Foley and Machen have seen the improvement while being around the program.

"It says a lot about Jeremy and Dr. Machen from a standpoint of seeing where we were three years ago and making good decisions within our program to see the day-to-day operation, understand the steps you made in year two and why we are where we are right now. And nobody's happy with that. Absolutely nobody is happy.

"The expectation level here is to win championships, and we haven't done it. But I think it's seeing the big picture, too, and understanding where we are with the program and feeling good, not necessarily where we are right now, but understanding why we are where we are and where it's headed. We've got a bunch of good young players in this program, a bunch of good kids in this program. We're recruiting extremely well. Things are heading in the right direction, it's just been a frustrating time for us this season."

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