Coach ready to change after 'embarrassment'?

You could see the disgust and utter disappointment in his eyes. His defense was facing an unorthodox offense and his offense has been anything but productive for an entire season. Florida head coach was persistent in his postgame meeting with the Florida press about his unhappiness with the Florida offense, something that he says has been terrible all year.

When Will Muschamp headed to the podium Saturday he knew things were different. Losing to Georgia Southern at home was something nobody in the world figured could happen.

The Gators are injury riddled and mired in a six game losing streak. This has been the worst Gator season since the 1979 season which saw the gators finish winless at (0-10-1).

The Florida defense had a hard time stopping the tricky triple option attack of Georgia Southern, something that most teams never face in a regular season. In the game, the Eagles didn't complete a single pass, but they did rush for an unbelievable 429 yards.

You would think Muschamp would have hammered his defense. he wasn't happy, but he made it a point that he is tired of the way his offense hasn't been able to help the team win games.

"When you play a team like that you have to get them off road," Muschamp said figuratively. "You have to make some stops defensively, get behind the chains, and create some negative plays. We got gapped out on a couple of situations."

Then Muschamp sent what I thought was a pretty clear message of change.

"But, you also have to change the scoreboard offensively," he said. "We have struggled in points offensively. It is a week in and week out (thing) and it is my job to get it fixed and we'll get it fixed. I am very disappointed for our program and it is an embarrassment to be in this situation."

Muschamp continued lamenting about an offense that scored only two touchdowns Saturday and hasn't scored more than three touchdowns all year long in any single game.

"We had our opportunities there and the kids kept playing hard. It is just very difficult to create explosive plays and do anything down the field," Muschamp said. "We just don't ever do it. Defensively, when you stop teams like this you get them being uncomfortable about what they are doing. We have to get them out of their game and what they do and we never could do it. We have to get some pressure where they feel like they have to something different.

"We will get it fixed. We just have to keep working in what we are doing. Offensively it is affecting our entire team. That is the struggle."

The Florida offense is down to the third string quarterback, is down its top three tackles, and is missing the starting running back from the start of the season. Muschamp however seems way beyond caring what the reasons are for looking so bad.

"Where do you start?", Muschamp asked about what were the problems. "From a protection standpoint, the running game, not to be able to consistently run the ball and control the front has been an occurrence for us all season. We did a decent job in the first half against South Carolina. We have a hard time with protection. We hit the play action pass where the quarterback got his chin splatted when he threw the ball. It is just hard right now.

"It becomes infectious. It is hard when you give up 17 points, you hope you can score 17."

The Florida offense started strong in the first series running the ball effectively, but it didn't last long enough for the head man.

"I thought we did at times," he said about running strong. "We kept trying to bounce the power, when we should have left it inside. We kept trying to run lateral on an A-gap play. Coming off of the goal line we had two nice runs. Then we throw it and we don't throw it very good… (that's) the bottom line."

Florida forced three fumbles and recovered two of them, it was something the offense didn't capitalize enough on and again has been an issue all season.

"When you beat a team like this it's a team effort deal, you have to be able to score and change the scoreboard and get them doing things they don't want to do," Muschamp said. "We had some opportunities and dropped the ball and not get any points out of it."

The Gators are facing their first losing season in 34 years. Fans are beyond distraught and are outright angry. There is a big cry for change. Muschamp however is adamant that his players stay focused for one more game and don't blame each other or either side of the ball and try and play as a team.

"It's all disappointing," he said. "It is hard to imagine. We are very disappointed. We have to get it fixed, and we will.

"At the end of the day we take ownership of where we are. Nobody needs to point fingers right now. It is time to look in the mirror. I have told (the players) that on several occasions this season. Regardless of the situation and circumstance, we need to produce better, and it starts with me."

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