Pease hopes to return, unsure it happens

Florida offensive coordinator Brent Pease wants another chance next season, but he isn't sure if it's coming. The heat has been building on Pease with each game during the current six-game losing streak, but he handled the hard questions well at his weekly Tuesday press conference.

He was clear with his hopes. He wants to return for his third year at Florida but said he would rather talk about it "after this game." Even with the offensive struggles, Pease said he believes that he has earned the right to come back. The offensive injuries have slowed what the Gators are doing on offense.

"You look at the first year and some of the situations and knowing the body of work," Brent Pease said. "I hope any evaluations are looked at that way, but I understand things, too. I know you've got to win and have success.

"If it's not meant to be, I came into this with friends, and I'm walking out of it with friends."

Pease said on Tuesday that he and head coach Will Muschamp have been on the same page philosophically since he came to Gainesville and have remained that way, downplaying any talk of him not having a chance to run the offense he wanted.

With the 4-7 season and the likelihood of ending the season on a seven-game losing streak, there's little doubt that someone will have to be fired to answer for the down season. If it is Pease, he wasn't sure if he would feel like he was a scapegoat.

"That's a tough question to answer," Pease said. "Right now, I'd say no. You can always address that question later.

"If it's coming my way, then it's coming my way. That's something you've just got to kind of take the blows."

Muschamp didn't hold punches after the loss to Georgia Southern, blaming the offensive issues for keeping the defense from shutting down the triple-option attack of the Eagles. Muschamp said the offense's struggles have held the entire team back and caused a frustrated mentality on the sideline.

Pease downplayed the comments, saying that he doesn't pay attention to what Muschamp says in press conferences because he is around him every day in the football offices.

There's always a question about Pease after he was rumored to have the option between the offensive coordinator position at Alabama and Florida. He tripped to Gainesville with his wife and decided he wanted to take the position at Florida.

On Tuesday, Pease was asked if he regretted that decision.

"You think about it," the second-year offensive coordinator said. "You look back on it, and I know why I came here. I know what sold me on the fact. You can't look back at something like that. That's a situation of what if. I still did the right thing for me and my family and the reasons I did it. You've got to continue to go from there and build."

SAME PLAYERS BLOCKING: The video and pictures have been circulating the Internet since Sunday. On a play during Saturday's loss to Georgia Southern, Florida center Jonotthan Harrison was blocking wide receiver Quinton Dunbar.

Pease could only laugh about the play on Tuesday, saying that "sometimes you have to laugh." He recommended Dunbar keep his head up on that play in the future.

"I know what Jon was doing , he's trying to get around," Pease said. "I guess I'd tell Quinton to keep his eyes open a little bit."

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