Keys to Victory

What will it take to beat Florida State? Here are some things that need to happen for a Gator victory and Florida will need a whole lot of positive play that we haven't seen from this team in quite a while. Any one or two of these won't do, Florida needs to have several things go their way Saturday to pull out a win.

We all know it Is a monumental task, especially given all the drama off the field for the gators over the past two months. But, that doesn't mean that the Gators aren't capable of posting the upset Saturday. Florida came very close to upsetting South Carolina just two weeks ago. The Georgia game was a toss-up near the end of the game after falling behind 17-0. This squad is capable but they will have to play their best and for 60 minutes to pull it off.

What will they have to do?

Play keep-away on offense… We may have been whining about it all season, but it is very important for Florida to control the ball and the clock and keep it out of the hands of the potent Florid State offense and their myruiad of ways to score and move the ball. That means Florida will have to stay away from penalties and stupid mistakes and they will have to run the ball and keep the chains moving.

Be physical on both sides of the ball… The Gators have had their moments this season and in the second half of last year's game against Florida State they were the far more physical team. That has to happen again and it has to happen on both sides of the ball. If Florida can show a bit if mental toughness, maybe a little bit of that SEC pride will wear on the Noles.

Make field goals… The gators have been terrible at putting the ball between the uprights. FSU's defense is good and good about keeping teams out of the end zone. When the opportunity comes, the Gators have to make their field goals in this game.

Make FSU play the short game… Basically, keep them from making the big play. They are a big play offense with speed everywhere. If Florida can keep the running game in check, they have likely the best secondary the Noles will see all year. Keep the Noles in front and make them earn everything. Get turnovers… This is an area that has been an issue for a team that thrived on turnovers a year ago. Florida needs to capitalize when they get chances to get the ball. I expect the Gators to be flying around the ball Saturday, they need to take advantage when the opportunity comes to take it away.

Get to the quarterback… Nole quarterbacks have been sacked 26 times, so it isn't impossible to get to Jameis Winston. Florida needs to make sure they are going as hard as they can to force the freshman to make some mistakes. They are used to playing ACC competition, Florida should be better at taking it to them than most of the teams they face.

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