Newberg: It's about the talent national recruiting analyst Jamie Newberg is stationed in Florida and has done his job for so long almost exclusively in the confines of The Sunshine State. He knows the landscape of recruiting in the state and how much there is for so many schools to come down to Florida and make a living off of the talent. Newberg says the Gators have to improve their talent base.

Florida coach Will Muschamp is at a cross roads in his young head coaching career. Faced with more adversity than maybe any coach still with a job, the man has had to look internally at his thoughts to what he wants in an offense that has been less than stagnant for his three years on campus.

Muschamp has intimated that he will likely move to more open style of offense, one that would spread the field out and utilize speed and talent of his skill players.

According to Jamie Newberg, Muschamp needs to make sure he is doing work in February when he signs the right kind of prospects to Letters of Intent, more than playing a new style of offense.

"It's a little harder," Newberg said of playing a run oriented smash mouth offensive game while recruiting in the state. "But, like any scheme you want to run, it's all about recruiting. It's all about recruiting the right guys for what you do. For whatever reason, the Gators have not recruited with the same success on offense that they have on defense. I have always believed that you can run any scheme at Florida and be successful. Again, it's all about recruiting."

The schedule shouldn't be a factor for the Gators. Newberg points out other Southeastern Conference squads that have been successful doing what Florida wanted to do before.

"You can't use the schedule as an excuse," he said. "Florida plays in the SEC and they are going to have an SEC schedule just like the other 13 teams. Alabama runs that style and look at their recent success. But, they have also recruited better than anyone since Nick Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa. The same goes for LSU. The Tigers are a power football team that has the ability to make plays down field with Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry."

"The bottom line is that the Gators just don't have the talent on offense. Like I said above, it's all about recruiting. Brent Pease is the scapegoat here and I believe it's much more from a lack of talent than the scheme he was running. That's inexcusable at a school like Florida.

"While injuries did hit them hard, there has been a serious void at the wide receiver position in Gainesville and it's been like that for a few years now. When was the last time Florida had play makers on the perimeter? Seriously, I understand you want to be a power football team and run the ball but you still have to have the ability to throw down field and have players on the outside that can make plays."

With the change in style, Newberg says Florida needs to understand where they are in terms of quality personnel.

Again, you better have the personnel to "open things" up," Newberg said. "Do they? No one knows and it's not going to happen overnight. I will say this, Jeff Driskel is certainly better suited in more of a spread system than pro-style. So too is Will Grier, who is coming in with this 2014 class. And the Gators did bring in slot guys like Chris Thompson and Alvin Bailey with this past class. But again, no one knows what Florida is really getting in these guys and the others until they have their opportunities in space and down the field."

He does see an opportunity for the Gators to capitalize with a different offensive scheme.

"Becoming more of a spread offense should help their recruiting efforts, as there are more of those skilled athletes in their backyard," Newberg said. "But again, you better recruit and sign the right ones. It's all about recruiting. You can become any kind of offense you want to become. You just have to go get those players."

This week Florida received a commitment pledge from receiver Ryan Sousa. The speedy wide out set state records this year and has a chance to be a good one at Florida. Newberg sees the chance for a few more offensive products to step in and get a chance at Florida.

"Let's see what happens with the offensive coordinator and offensive line coach hires," Newberg said hesitant to throw out too many names. "I will say kids seems to be generally very excited that change is coming. A couple of kids to keep an eye on our wide receivers Eric Lauderdale, Charles Nelson and offensive lineman David Sharpe. I would imagine that you are going to see the board change, as the Gators go after players that are conducive to the new OC and new scheme and perhaps prospects that these guys have relationships with already."

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