Prospects at the Dome

ATLANTA - Dawg Post's look at prospects at the Georgia Dome this weekend.


Aquinas vs. Calvary Day

Ruben Garnett

Simmons' Report: A junior athlete that is quick, strong for his size, and shifty. He is a running back, but ma be recruited as an athlete.

5:30 Buford vs. Washington Co.

Isaac Nauta
Tight End

Simmons' Report: A sophomore tight end with everything that you look for. He is tough at the line of scrimmage, he can catch the ball well, and he is a complete package.

Quay Picou

Simmons' Report: Could play inside or outside on the next level. He is best at three-technique with the ability to shoot the gaps and make plays behind the line of scrimmage.

Shug Frazier

Simmons' Report: Plays nose guard now and he could play there or offensive guard on college. He is light on his feet for his size and looks to be one to watch.

Tucker vs. Creekside

Detric Dukes

Simmons' Report: Hard hitting inside linebacker that plays downhill. He dissects plays quickly and attacks the ball.

Jonathan Lednetter
Defensive Lineman

Simmons' Report: A versatile defensive lineman who could be a big end or grow into a tackle on the next level. He has active hands and good length. Saturday 5:30
Griffin vs. Carrollton

Christian Owens

Simmons' Report: A long and lean wideout with good arm length and soft hands. He covers a lot of ground with long strides and is great in jump-ball situations.

Jordan Colbert

Simmons' Report: Arguably the best athlete on the Griffin squad and he could be a big safety or move to outside linebacker. He plays fast, he flies to the ball, and he has ball skills.

Darquavius Mangam

Simmons' Report: A wideout with good size and more of a possession. He is good across the middle and he is a solid blocker on the outside.

Dontavius Russell
Defensive lineman

Simmons' Report: Very strong interior defensive lineman. He plays with good leverage and can play up and down the line. Russell does a great job of collapsing the pocket.

Jarvis Terrell

Simmons' Report: Only a sophomore, but a burner. He is on the small side, but can score from anywhere on the field at any time.

8:30 Norcross vs. North Gwinnett

Lorenzo Carter
Defensive lineman/Outside Linebacker

Simmons' Report: A big athlete with so much upside. He is a best when standing up coming off the edge.

Myles Autry
: Athlete

Simmons' Report:Still not back 100-percent from knee surgery, but a player with explosive ability out of the backfield, in the slot, or as a returner.

Mitch Hyatt
Offensive Tackle
North Gwinnett

Simmons' Report: One of the best offensive tackles in the country regardless of class. He is sound fundamentally, athletic and is only getting better.

Nate Brown
North Gwinnett
Simmons' Report: A big wide receiver that is very physical. He is not a burner, but can catch the ball in traffic and he has strong hands.

Anree Saint-Amour
Defensive end
North Gwinnett

Simmons' Report: Weakside end who plays hard and knows how to dip the shoulder and pressure the quarterback.

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