Comfort was big for Sharpe

In the end the comfort level David Sharpe felt at Florida and with head coach Will Muschamp made the difference in where he decided to go to school. Growing up a Gator fan gave Florida the in they needed to really allow this to happen and the staff did an excellent job of following through.

When David Sharpe announced his decision on Thursday at the Ale House in Jacksonville, a large contingent of his teammates were on hand to witness the event that was also carried live on radio.

The bond Sharpe has with his teammates was more than enough to show how much relationships and comfort mean for him and his family. His mother Marilyn was certainly a proud parent watching her young man finish off a process and said Florida was just always there for Sharpe and that mattered.

"Florida jumped out in the beginning," Marilyn sad beaming with a smile and her Gator shirt on. "The mail was coming in from Florida and it still comes today. There were more calls and more invites and I think that is really what pulled David in."

David liked all of his visits with Florida and likes the talent that the Florida staff is putting together.

"I was comfortable there and we have a special class coming in," David said.

Of importance is that Florida has yet to name an offensive line coach or an offensive coordinator. It is something that certainly matters to Sharpe but he has trust in the guy in charge.

"It affected me a lot," Sharpe said of the offensive coaches missing. "But I believe in Coach Muschamp to bring someone in and get it turned around."

Marilyn has trust in her boy and would have stood by him with any decision he made, but that decision had to be based on education first and foremost, something Florida likely had going on big in its favor.

"I stressed more on the education," Marilyn said. "I wanted him to go somewhere where he would be comfortable. If you aren't comfortable it could be a failure."

Sharpe is an intelligent kid, but won't be allowed to enroll early because his school won't let it happen. Despite that, he wants to come in early and play.

"I just don't want to redshirt," he said. "I know as a freshman I have to learn and get used to it and get into the program, but I'm not worried about it."

He also knows all about the linemen already on campus and will appreciate them.

"They are great guys and are going to get me better," David said. "Whatever coach thinks is best at that left tackle position I am just going to do my best."

Sharpe has been ready to announce for Florida for nearly a month. In that time and before he has seen all the issues the Gators have gone through. He wants to be a part of fixing the situation.

"It motivates me to work harder and help the team any way I can," he said.

Marilyn will miss her only on when he departs for Gainesville in June. But she does know that the grocery bill will shrink considerably when her 6-foot-6, 285 pound kid leaves the house.

"It is gigantic to me," she says of her joy that David will be close. "I am still going to break apart in another three months when that time comes because he's my only child. The grocery bill is humongous. I usually buy the family pack and at the end of the night a whole family came in and left.

We know he eats well, he has the intelligence and the background to succeed at Florida, Sharpe says he's a guy that will being everything he has to make Florida better.

"(I'm) just a hard worker and willing to whatever I can to help the team.

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