Recruiting 101: Your questions answered

With the holidays over, we are back in the swing of things with our weekly question and answer session between our subscribers and recruiting analyst Jason Higdon. There has been a huge swing in momentum and the board in general with recruiting and Higdon tries to tackle the tough questions presented to him by our paid subscribers.

1. Please update Dontae Angus' status and commitment. It was implied by some that Harkless takes Angus spot for academic reasons. Per Adam Friedman, Angus is on track to qualify. Please set us straight.

I think Florida is in great shape right now on the offensive line with what they are bringing in. You have David Sharpe, Nolan Kelleher, Dontae Angus, Kavaris Harkless, Drew Sarvary and Travaris Dorsey. That is six offensive linemen in one class which is a ton in my mind but clearly UF felt the need for these guys. When this class started the goal was five and I was not sure they could pull that off. Now with Ian leaving I guess you try and go land one more which they did today.

The number still might remain six even if something happens with Angus because it does appear that Jordan Sims will make a January OV and things sound promising after spending a week rooming with David Sharpe out in San Antonio. It's funny how those things work out. Kind of like a kid such as Jeff Jones rooming with a player like Bo Scarborough. You really never know and that is why those all star weeks are SO crazy at times. Back to your original question regarding Angus. I believe things will be ok with him. I guess I could have simply said he was good from what I hear but what fun would that have been?

2. Is your contract with UT for 3 or 4 years and does it have a buyout?

I, like Nick Saban & Jimbo Fisher have a zero buyout clause my friend LOL.

3. What is the maximum number of recruits we can take in this class if a lot of the recruits the coaches are after want in? Also, can you give a breakdown by position.

It appears that Florida has 60 kids roughly that will return. UF has 19 verbal commitments putting them at 79 kids on scholarship, making things tight if the class remains intact. That would put the Gators with roughly six open spots moving forward with lots of players on the board. Could something happen with J.C. Jackson, Dontae Angus or Cyontai Lewis and they head elsewhere on NSD? It could and that would mean you are looking at nine more spots. Nine more spots is a ton at this point in the recruiting season but a lot of things would need to happen before they take nine more players. For now I think the numbers is sitting on six.

I think by the way they are sending out WR offers that is the top priority. It is the position that has struggled the most or one of the most the last few seasons. With only one wide out commited at this time I think the goal is two more and maybe you can squeak in another but I think they will go with a total of three so two more leaving you four spots.

I think they can take another OL which would drop you down to three total spots. Is there a scenario in which you could see them take two more OL? That would be a very very slim chance. That would mean you are talking about adding Jordan Sims and a kid like the Fresh Prince and I just don't see that happening. It is the next OL to pop in my opinion. I am not sure if they can end up with two running backs right now unless they missed on someone else but will say one running back for now and you have two total spots left and I think the targets would be corner and defensive end.

Six spots left and it could be two wide receivers, one running back, one offensive linemen, one cornerback and one defensive end. Cleary if you do not land another defensive end you could take your second back or whatever.

4. I know both need to actually visit, but who do you feel most confident about Jones or Scott or do you see both as legit RB additions to this class?

I believe that both of these players are real options, very real options. The dynamics of Scott taking his official visit before Jones will be an interesting one to watch play out in my opinion.

5. I am assuming like so many that Lane is not going to stick. Do you get the same sense from Lane as Cook that he will play the all Gator till I flip card or is Lane truly unsure where he wants to go.

If it looks like a fish and smells like a fish guess what? It's a fish. From everything that has transpired I do not see how anyone could believe or feel anything other than he is going to Florida State. There is really not one "real" reason to think he ends up a Gator. Could he? Sure, I guess he could but I have not even really given Ermon Lane any thought of being in this class with the way things have unfolded recently. The only way imaginable that could happen is if he passes on that Florida State OV right before NSD.

6. Will UF cut Lane loose and make an example out of him or will they get played again on NSD when he makes his "final decision"

They absolutely will wait for his final decision. If you are a coaching staff you do NOT hold any cards for these top tier players. You simply can't try and muscle or in force your will on them. It will not happen. Recruiting is very fickle and those types of tactics will not work.

7. Gerald Willis.... If he can't EE at UF do we lose him or does he simply sign on NSD and come later? Got to believe that WM or Foley can pull some strings here, this is a potential program changing recruit.

I do not think he is a program changer type of a player. Has Dante Fowler changed the program? I was told there is a good chance he might drop to a four star player before it's all said and done. At the end of the day does that mean he is not going to be a great player at Florida? No it does not but to even potentially say program changing recruit is a bit strong in my opinion. Will Muschamp and or Jeremy Foley are not going to pull some strings as you say for this to happen.

8. After everything shakes out, do you see McKenzie, Nelson or someone else filling one of our last WR spots.

Grades aside, I think that UF would be the team to beat for both players at this point in time. Florida has to want both players and as of right now that is the case. However, out of those two and Eric Lauderdale I believe the best chance of landing a player is higher with him than the others. Yes, UF could end up with all three of those players depending on missing on other spots.

9. My question is regarding the team as a whole. How are last year's kids doing, K Taylor, A Lane, D Rob, Fullwood, oline, etc ??? Did they hit the ground running? And I mean weights and practice? I'm afraid 2014 oline is still going to be mas o menos... Please elaborate

I am not sure what you are asking me. If you are talking about them coming in prepared as freshmen? Or are you talking about how they have done during this off-season? Taylor & Lane came in prepared but the transition from high school football to major college football is not something to take lightly. Anyone is naturally going to have a transition period of time where they are adjusting the game speed. Fulwood worked his tail off & Robinson came in with a bit of entitlement in my opinion so his time was rough last season. If you are asking how they have been since the season ended I do not really know. I have not asked about those kids in general.

10. Do we have a chance of flipping Moten?

No they do not have a chance to flip Moten in my opinion.

11. If JC Jackson flips which recruits besides Adoree Jackson, do you think the coaches will go after to replace JC?

I do not think so no. Once these all-star games pass if you are not setting up visits with these people it will be tough. I mean it is not out of the question that one will pop up we have not heard about but they are about to ride or die with what they have and with what is on the board currently in my mind.

12. Anything going on with Tra Valentine? We interested or all Corndog?

Nothing in my opinion.

13. Any chance the coaches flip Marvin Zanders before the last day of enrolling for the spring semester?

If they were able to pull that off it would be the steal of the recruiting class no question about it. It would be a miracle worker type job for them to pull that off. I think the timing of when Flowers is taking his OV to UF means he is a much more realistic solution for the Gators right now.

14. Who are the coaches looking at as a backup to Carter in case we don't get him?

At some point there is not more back up plans. I think after LC at this point you are talking about a kid like Kevin Bronson. They have no shot at a kid like Chad Thomas, Malik McDowell, Davon Godchaux, Andrew Williams but you might have a shot with Bronson or even a guy like Rashawn Shaw if you wanted to check his Interest.

15. Are you still hearing that another coach may leave the staff? If so, when would did happen?

That is what I was told but I have no clue right now. The same person who told me weeks ago Stacy S. was going to be the OL coach for a variety of reasons (so let's see how that goes) is the one who told me about another change with the staff. Not sure what to say about that situation. Dead period is closing in on us so we will soon find out one way or the other. I honestly don't know what to think about that deal anymore. 16. Will you share your signing bonus with your current members?

Absolutely no signing bonus folks but if there was you know I would share.

17. WILL Ermon Lane actually visit Florida with his boy Quincy on Jan. 24th or just rumor?

For someone who says he is a Gator commit it would be hard to imagine him not visiting Florida for his official visit. At the same time Dalvin Cook kept preaching he was a Gator commit and he never made his Florida OV. I think the only way this might get confusing is IF he takes both the UF and FSU official visit and even then it would be confusing for me based on when he takes each visit.

18. Myles Autry. Is he really interested in UF and are we interested in him? Or is this a ploy to "one up" Georgia in the pursuit of Carter?

Autry has tons of offers right now. Yes, he is close with Lorenzo Carter but this is not a ploy by UF to one up Georgia. This is Florida wanting to add speed in this class. Players that can make people miss in the open field and take it to the house and that is the type of player that Myles is. Would it help if all of the sudden Autry showed great interest in UF? Sure it would, but when you come charging late in the game like a freight train it's tough.

19. Tell me something about Flowers. I know nothing about him. Would the Gators take him if he wanted in?

Flowers had offers from Alabama, Clemson and Texas to name just a few. Overall you are talking about a kid with about 20+ offers to date and counting. He is a 6-foot, 210-pound athlete that could play wide receiver, running back or quarterback at the next level. He is one of the top athlete's in the state of Florida. He has a great arm and makes plays. The kid is a leader and in my opinion is perfectly suited for the Kurt Roper offense. 20. Are there any other Louisville commits the Muschamp has his eyes on towards flipping?

I do not see any other Louisville kids that are currently committed switching to Florida at this time.

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