Recruiting 101: Your questions answered

We continue our weekly question and answer segment here on, where our subscribers ask the questions to our resident recruiting guy Jason Higdon. Signing day is a little over three weeks away so things are getting a little crazy. Come on inside and see what you are missing.

1. If you had to make an educated guess, how many WR's do you see if this class and who do you believe they will be?

Gators sitting with one wide receiver currently and I think they have room right now to take a total of three. I like the things Lauderdale is saying right now (and McKenzie) but after that I think we need to see what happens. Does Charles Nelson end up taking an official visit to UF or not? Would UF take a kid like Chris Worton late in the process? Can UF convince Jamil Kamara to take a hard look at UF after going on National TV and announcing for Virginia. Lot of things are up in the air I think at this position. I still believe somehow you will have three on NSD. Couple more may or may not pop up down the stretch. That's what can be expected with a new offensive coordinator coming in.

2. In your opinion or even just educated guess. Please tell us with who we finish with. Maybe just a realistic list of who else can sneak in before signing day.

Things are honestly really crazy right now behind the scenes. You are seeing guys pop up like a Treon Harris, Derrell Scott and Davon Godchaux all three of which could end up in this class. Those three and guys like Adoree Jackson, Jeffery Jones, Eric Lauderdale, Jordan Sims and Damian Prince are all guys to keep an eye on. Anyone taking an OV is someone to at least keep an eye on. UF does not have many spots left so things are very tight at the moment but watch what that groups is saying plus Kevin Bronson, Lorenzo Carter, Myles Autry and Marvin Zanders. Knowing that UF wants Jordan Sims it would be hard to think he is not the best one they have a shot to land at the OL position. However, Prince has an OV set up to UF and to my knowledge I am not sure that Sims has set one up yet.

3. How did our visitors like their visits this weekend and who might have been swayed to be O&B.

No visits this weekend due to the dead period. This was the weekend the EE kids arrived on campus.

4. To piggyback off of the wr question, in what order will they be? After recent commits, what is the new understanding of what the class will fill out with position wise?

I think what you can assure yourself is they clearly must add someone to the wide receiver position. I. McKenzie, E. Lauderdale and C. Nelson are guys to watch at the wide out position. I think UF will try and take two more wide out type players. They clearly want another defensive end type player such as a Kevin Bronson, Lorenzo Carter or Davon Godchaux. You could also see either Sims or Prince (one OL) and another RB. At this point in time what you need to understand the CB spot with Adoree is at the top of the list then WR. You could see CB, WR, DE, RB, OL and QB to round this thing out. The spots are real tough right now. I know that Derrell Scott is coming in for his OV on the weekend of the 17th for example. I know that UF would like to add him in the class from what they have said and he is coming in before Jeff Jones. Hard not to give the edge to Scott over Jones knowing those details right now. The thing about the CB spot is not yet totally clear bc if JC bolts OR even if he does not they need to replace Chris Lammons with someone and that might be Tavaris Williams from Fort White (Fla) high school. He will come in with a group on the 17th.

5. Talk about where UF stands with I. McKenzie and T. Harris.

As crazy as this sounds I think they are in the game with both of these players. It would have been hard to imagine UF would have a shot with either player three weeks ago or so but that was also the case with Brandon Powell. Harris believes he will play QB at UF and I do not think he feels that is entirely the case with Florida State.

6. Since Tabor is in and JC and Lammons are gone, what other CB's will UF pursue?

I can't say 100% that J.C. Jackson is gone. I certainly feel he will end up at Florida State, Miami then Florida. I would put it at 10% he ends up a Gator. Now, that is not how the coaches feel. They feel they will hang onto this one. Adoree Jackson is the only corner right now that is really being pursued besides the kid I talked about above. See No 4 above. This position is a very dangerous spot to be in right now for the coaches. If JC bolts and you somehow don't land Adoree Jackson you are in big troubles at that spot in my mind. It will be interesting to see if any names pop up late in the process other than Williams. It is already very late in the process right now.

7. What is the position breakdown for the remaining spots?

See above.

8. To sum up everyone's questions, when are you doing a mock class?

I will do it soon.

9. With all this momentum in the closing weeks how do things look like early for 2015?

I think right now things are great because you just landed one of the top players off one of the top teams in the state of Florida for 2015 with the addition of safety Dontai Williams. Kevin Toliver, CeCe Jefferson and Jeffery Holland are all players on that team that will be recruited by the Gator coaching staff.

10. Since you are posting a lot on the Texas free board, who is going to the OC at Texas?

Right now Charlie has two open spots on that Texas staff. However, only three coaches have been announced through the media at this time with RB coach Tommie Robinson from USC, DL coach Chris Rumph from Alabama and DB coach Chris Vaughn from Memphis. Those are the only coaches that he has announced right now. I can tell you there is a ton of coaches that are wearing him out about working at Texas. I expect this to be public probably right around the time we have chat on Monday night.

11. Also do you feel we have talent already on the team to make somewhat of a decent transition from our Pro to spread offense? Would you say Holley is staying at PSU? Chances with Carter % wise? Is there smoke to Christian Miller?

I think it will be a bit of a struggle. I think that is evident by so many offers to so many speed/skill guys that UF has offered as of late. I do not see too many players on this current roster that have that elusiveness/speed they need to run the style in which they say they are going to run. I think Franklin is a big enough hire to keep Holley right where he is. I think UGA is the team to beat still for Lorenzo even though some positive vibes have maybe turned a bit UF's direction. I think Miller more than likely ends up at Bama and if not I think there is a possibility he could be a Dawg. Not sure UF has much of a real chance even though Lawing has stayed on him.

12. Do you think there will be any more coaching changes?

It is hard to imagine at this time but that is what I was told. That was about two weeks ago. I do know one coach who was trying to get another job with another staff but that has not worked out for him and now he may have no other choice but to stay where he is. I thought he was the coach who would leave so right now I am honestly not sure.

13. Do you think we add another offensive lineman? If so, how would you rank the prospects in likelihood of committing?

See No 2 Above.

14. Do we add another running back? If so, who do you see committing?

See No 4 above.

15. Any anticipated changes on the staff? If yes, any details you can share?

See No 12 Above.

16. Does UF move on Georgia corner Grant Haley with Lammons out?

In my mind they should go after Grant Haley. Right now It does not appear they will do that. They feel they are good with JC Jackson ( I do not) I think it would be a smart move to make at this time, not only what's going on with Lammons being out BUT the possibility of JC jumping ship again as well.

17. When does Lo Carter announce?

He will be a NSD decision I believe.

18. Chad Thomas or the Davon Godchaux, any shot at either?

I think they ONLY way UF could get something done with Chad Thomas is IF they landed Treon Harris, even then I am not really sure how that could work out for UF. On the other hand, Davon has an official visit set for UF and he seems pretty excited about it. He is very close with D. Lewis so if I was picking one or the other I would go with DC at this time.

19. How big of an impact with DC Grantham leaving UGA for Louisville have on DE Lorenzo Carter? Most have speculated UGA was holding a slight lead does this change things?

I do not think it matters and it might help them. I am not sure how well liked he was among recruits or families. I am sure UGA will name a big time guy as the DC. This move might actually help the Dawgs more than you will ever know J In all honestly I still think the key is Richt.

20. Any chance Treon Harris' flips to the Gators on his OV this upcoming weekend?

I would be stunned if he pops this weekend for UF. I would not be stunned if he was turned during this OV weekend if he makes it in BUT if he were to announce anything that would stun me.

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