Alexander is a Bruin; talks Florida

The commitment came early for Jacksonville (Fla.) Trinity Christian Academy linebacker Victor Alexander. The junior linebacker saw a chance at a big scholarship opportunity and jumped on it. As he gets ready for what he hopes will be a great senior year, the offers are starting to roll in and he is really getting noticed.

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His offer and commitment to UCLA is a huge deal to Victor Alexander. The Bruins linebacker coach Jeff Urblich looked over the height issue with the bruising backer and saw the intangibles that make him a big time player. That foresight paid off when Alexander gave UCLA his pledge.

"I chose UCLA because it was the biggest school to me that gave me my first shot," Alexander told last week. "At the time I only had small schools, so UCLA came in and offered and I really liked them.

"I took time to think about this. I talked to coaches and my parents. I asked God where he wants me to go. Academically it is a great school and a degree is huge. Playing in the Rose Bowl as the home stadium is huge. Really the thing that has drawn me there is the coaching staff.

"They like my leadership on the field. As a middle linebacker you have to make plays. You have to hype up guys when big plays are needed. They really like the leadership I display on the field."

The Florida Gators offered recently along with some others. Alexander isn't willing to cut the Gators off just because they are a little later than some offering the 2015 head hunter.

"I plan on visiting possibly Virginia Tech and Florida, but right now I am really focused on getting down to UCLA in February," Alexander said. "It was a big offer from Florida. Being from here and having a big school like Florida in the SEC that is real big. I have contacted the coaches and talked to them. I haven't knocked them totally off, it is real big."

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