Quick rundown of the weekend

While we try and track down each and every visitor for Florida this weekend, here is a quick update on what we have heard coming out of Gainesville. Three official; visitors and three unofficial visitors made it in and with it getting close to signing day, things continue to stay hot.

A couple of notes from this past weekend and UF's junior day. Florida had players such as Derwin James, Roquan Smith and CeCe Jefferson show up to name a few. Smith is a 6-foot-1, 210-pound MLB from Montezuma (GA) Macon County high school. "It went well," Smith said. "It felt like a great place. The people were so welcoming and I felt wanted. I went with two of my coaches and my teammate."

This coming Saturday UF will hold another junior day and as expected they will try and bring in players such as Jacques Patrick, Deontai Williams, Jeffery Holland, D'Andre Walker, Chandler Cox and Martez Ivey to name a few. I think you can also expect to possibly see Tre Jackson and Tevon Coney in town this weekend. Both players were expected in this past weekend but could not attend for one reason or another.

As I mentioned with Coney & Jackson not attending the first UF junior day they were not the only ones to not show. D. Williams, Jeffery Holland and Naquan Howard were all listed as attending and some were not even aware of the junior day, strange I know.

1. Latest on Treon?

Some of the committed kids for the Gators feel pretty strongly about Treon Harris ending up in a Gator uniform. Treon did make it in for his Auburn official and as expected at this time of year he enjoyed himself. I do not believe he gave those around him the indication he was leaning or would end up at Auburn at the end of the day. Not sure what they really means at the end of the day but all anyone can do at this point is wait and see where he shows up on the 31st. Florida State people believe anyone who thinks he could "possibly" end up anywhere other than Florida State is crazy. All I can tell you is anyone who thinks you can deal in absolutes in regards to recruiting is foolish.

2. Jason, what percentages on the following kids on being Gators at this moment:

Travis Rudolph

Isaiah McKenzie


Treon Harris

CJ Worton

Adoree Jackson

It's always hard to put a percentage on kids this time of year, especially ones who have not made an official visit to Florida. That would include Travis Rudolph, Damian Prince and Adoree Jackson. How could anyone possibly put some sort of percentage on a kid being in the UF class without taking this official? I will always be a big believer in one thing. Kids who do not make official visits to UF will not be in the class. It does not happen often it just doesn't. At times you have outstanding circumstances that might increase your chances of landing a player or not such as Travis Rudolph. Clearly, we have witnessed some smoke around this situation as of late. Maybe FSU told him they would only take a certain amount of receivers and now it appears they will take more than what he thought? Hard to know exactly what they may or may not have told him and how that would impact him moving forward.

If you are a Gator fan I think you need to go into this situation believing that Rudolph is going to end up at Florida State. As far as anything else goes we need to take a wait and see approach. Wait and see if FSU lands Ermon Lane. Wait and see if FSU lands Malachi Dupre. Wait and see if FSU lands CJ Worton. So many things that may or may not impact Travis moving forward that we simply just don't know. It does appear that CJ Worton was getting the FSU fan base all fired up during his UF official by tweeting to Travis and asking him if he was going to visit Florida yesterday. Not sure he would be doing that if he planned on or intended on taking that FSU official visit on the 31st. That just seems a bit strange to me but we do not know what to make of that just yet, not exactly. I think UF is the favorite for McKenzie and UF's actions with Lauderdale would lead me to believe that. The visit with Prince and Muschamp, White and Summers went as good as they could have hoped for. AJ, is another wait and see, wait and see if he steps foot back on campus.

Having said that, with the players listed above I do not think how anyone could have UF as the favorite to land Travis, Treon & CJ simply because they are committed to other teams. Of those three, as I mentioned some UF kids feel Treon is coming. Prince & Jackson have not taken OV's to UF and I am a big believer in when that happens you chances are slim. Let's see how that plays out. Yes, Prince is still planning to take his UF official visit on the 31st as of today.

3. I know roper has really helped with offensive recruiting. why did it take a Roper hiring for UF to go after offensive players. Seems weird to me.

They have always gone after offensive recruits. They just have not had the best luck in landing them other than a few kids over the last three seasons or so. It is very important to separate offering AND landing players. So far Roper has offered a lot of players but UF has not landed anyone that can come in early and make an impact from the skill positions.

4. How are things looking with McWilliams? Is this a flip that can really happen?

The only thing I can say about him at this time is he wanted to make it clear to me he had not committed to Florida. Why he wanted to make sure that message got out is unclear. Why say anything at all. He is one imo who has kind of been lost in the shuffle so to speak with all the other kids still left on the board. I could see him ending up a Gator and staying close to home at the end of the day. However, just like the other kids that have announced for other schools it's hard to predict or feel good about these kids. Are we really supposed to believe that UF will flip Treon, Rocel, Travis and CJ in the next ten days? Seems a bit farfetched in my mind.

5. Are all of the current prospects left on the board NSD announcements? How much does this concern you?

I think it is very concerning. You do not want to go into NSD needing to pull 5 of 7 kids. Especially 5 of 7 that may already publicly be committed to other schools or whatever the number might be. That is never a good thing. However, UF knows what Treon Harris is planning as well as a kid like Rocel. It does not mean they are going to get all those guys but they have a much better understanding what will happen vs. the fans. At least in theory anyway.

6. Last year, 2013 recruiting class, a recruit had to come to G'ville and perform for "the man" before he received a committable offer. To me that required a mountain of hubris on the part of the head coach. This year, 2014 class, it appears that requirement has changed? Am I correct? If so, do you think the "you must perform before the master" has affected recruiting? Personally, I'd think most high school coaches would be a mite insulted if a Florida coach came to a game, observed a recruit and offered a scholarship, and then made it a requirement that the player travel to UF and audition.

I do not think anything has changed as far as that goes. Will Muschamp signs off on all offers. Lots of offers go out that are not real and all teams do it as a way of not falling behind other teams. How can Will take a kid without meeting him in person and his family etc. The "offer" is just a word and in all honestly means little in this day and age of recruiting.

7. Jason in your opinion will NSD be a bust, meaning we go 0- for






Worton, McKenzie, Mike, Etc…Don't count when talking about a big NSD finish

If you are thinking UF must land those guys going into NSD then you could be in for a long day. Treon & Rudolph are committed to UF's arch-rival instate enemy who just went undefeated and won the BCS title while UF went 4-8 and got whipped by Georgia Southern. Adoree Jackson has not made an official visit to UF and neither has Damian Prince. Lorenzo Carter is from the state of Georgia and UF simply does not beat Georgia for kids they want in their own state. Sure, I could sit here and play the odds as some sites will do and say, yes UF will land one or maybe even two off that list but they are hedging their bets in my opinion. Again, it is important to note that some UF committed players feel that Treon Harris will be a Gator. Some feel CJ Worton will be a Gator as well and that could help with Travis etc…we just do not know enough right now to understand exactly where UF stands right now with a week and a half to go.

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