The Juice: The Final Countdown

With three days left until signing day the final look of the 2014 Florida football class is starting to take shape. There are a hand full of spots left to fill and most of them come at the skill positions on offense. Let's take a look at the last group of prospects that we feel are a possibility and where things stand with each.


THE PROSPECTS: Just one, in Miami (Fla.) Booker T. Washington's Treon Harris. He is the consummate dual threat quarterback, a guy that uses his feet and his arm as well as anyone that Florida could even venture to get. Florida's new offensive coordinator has been known to coach up this style of play and former South Florida pupil Thaddeus Lewis during his time at Duke and Lewis is currently doing his thing in the NFL.

THE JUICE: Harris is committed to Florida State. The Seminole feel really good about keeping him, but for Harris the thought is he believes that he won't get much of a shot at quarterback in a true drop back system like they have at FSU. Like everyone he is done with his visits and he just traveled to see Auburn, Miami, and Florida. The Miami offense is much of the same and the Hurricanes don't seem to have much of a shot here. Lots of people are pinning this as an Auburn – Florida battle. Like FSU, the Gators seem to feel confident here. I am told that Auburn is not confident and in fact believe he may very well be headed to Florida. Both Florida's new offense and Auburn's offense are better fits for Harris who really wants to play on offense.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Florida wants and needs a dual threat guy at quarterback. The change in offensive philosophy would allow this type of quarterback to come in as a nice change up to what is already on campus and also add a new wrinkle in the offense that can be utilized immediately. If it is truly an Auburn – Florida thing which I am led to believe, then I also think that being geography is going to win out. The confidence at FSU is a little intriguing but, I will go with the new offense at Florida now. For the Gators it is Harris or bust at quarterback it seems. I do believe they have someone in their hip pocket, but believe some other positions would have to miss as well.


THE PROSPECTS: Adoree Jackson of Junipero (Cali.) Serra; Chris Worton (CJ) of Homestead (Fla.) South Dade; Isaiah McKenzie of Plantation (Fla.) American Heritage… All three prospects can be used in the slot and that is really where Florida is targeting since the change in offense. Jackson is the premiere skill athlete in high school football this year and would be the biggest possible get for Florida. McKenzie can do some great things himself as a jitterbug type of receiver. Worton, is very talented and actually capable of being a very good outside receiver as well.

Adoree Jackson

THE JUICE: From what we understand, the Gators seem pretty confident in landing Jackson. But, so does USC who is part of a four team final group that includes LSU and UCLA. If the Gators had a good season in 2013 this one may have already been wrapped up, but there was a little bit of time during the losing streak that Jackson started to slide, and that is understandable. Since the losing subsided, things have gotten better and I believe they have come to a crescendo recently. Read into that what you will, but I think at this point in time Florida is the leader, despite the weekend at the two California schools.

Worton is another that Florida likes their chances, but this one may get tricky if he wants to come and McKenzie does something first. There is little doubt that West Virginia is in on this one hard. The kid that was committed to FSU just last week likes the offense of Dana Holgorsen and understand the issues at Florida. Still there is a lot of positives at Florida including not a lot of players on the roster that can play in the slot, if any. This one is tighter than it should be, but I think the geography could win out in the end here.

We verified that there were erroneous reports of Florida parting ways with McKenzie. That just isn't true. However, it is a dogfight right now between Florida and Virginia Tech and it very well may be that the Hokies have the lead for his services. This one is hard to believe because of a girlfriend that McKenzie is infatuated with and supposedly going to college in Tama and of family situations that would normally keep him near his family if possible. He dropped the only program that has been recruiting him the whole time in Notre Dame so the relationship thing doesn't seem to be that much of a factor in his recruitment. This one is a slight edge to Virginia Tech heading to signing day.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Florida would like to sign two slot receivers, but they are getting very tight as we head down the stretch and depending on timing they very well may only get one. Jackson being so far away, the feeling of security in him has some strain on it, and there are questions with the other two. I find it hard to believe they can't get one, but two may be hard and actually not an option when all is said and done.


THE PROSPECTS: Damian Prince (Forestville (Md.) Bishop McNamara; Derrick Kelly Havana (Fla.) East Gadsden; Andrew Mike Tucson (Az.) Sabino HS… Three promising offensive linemen that the Gators would like to add to a very good offensive line haul. Prince would be the highest rated player along the line of scrimmage and is a true blue chipper. Kelly is a prospect that has come on late in his career and has some big time programs knocking down his door. He was previously committed to Kentucky, but now is heading for greener pastures with a lot more possibilities open to him. Mike is another very good lineman that has some very nice offers out west and Arkansas.

Damian Prince

THE JUICE: Prince just left Florida after visiting this weekend and now has to make a decision. From what I have heard, he has known where he wants to go and actually Gators earl enrollee Jalen Tabor, a very good friend has known for a bit. The kicker is, Tabor hasn't told anyone and won't. My thought is that Tabor knows about Maryland, the other team on Prince's list and would be all over him about why he didn't select the home state school. In the end, all the positive vibes from the weekend here and his actions about trips really point to Florida.

Kelly is a recruitment that could likely take some twists and turns all the way until signing day. What I know is that LSU is confident in landing Kelly. They have been recruiting him for a while and he likes LSU. However, Florida also feels like they have a tremendous shot. These are his last two schools. With Kelly popping up out of the blue for Florida like this, my guess on what has happened is that LSU has suddenly become that place that is a little father from home than his parents wanted. Florida has already won one battle like that in Tabor, and Kelly fits the bill here. Overall the heat here says to me that he goes to Florida, but there is a huge caveat that I think will play out. FSU is the favorite school. They are also 30 minutes away from his home. They have offered him a grey shirt possibility, but he doesn't want that. They feel like they are going to fill up and won't have room, but if they end up with room, I truly believe he winds up at FSU. Look for Florida or LSU to try and get him to sign early on Wednesday.

Mike was a name that popped up out of the blue early in January as he was recruited by Florida assistant Coleman Hutzler while he was at New Mexico. He has basically gone quiet since leaving Florida and I think simply because he has to wait to see what happens at Florida. Could something happen before he is able to wait? Certainly. It is a tough game, but I think he waits it out.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Florida wants two. They look promising right now to take Prince and Kelly and then have a promising back up if they miss on one of those two. Getting Prince adds a primo to an outstanding line class, either way it is a very strong haul at the position.


THE PROSPECTS: Lorenzo Carter Norcross (Ga.); Rocel McWilliams Pensacola (Fla.) West Florida HS… Carter would complete the defensive line haul like a thumb on a hand. He is the top BUCK prospect on the board since the beginning of the process. He is a bit raw, but his athletic ability is off the charts. McWilliams is a a kid with good size and a great motor. He brings the heat off the edge on every play.


THE JUICE: Carter just finished a long weekend at Georgia. They are the prohibitive favorites by most. There isn't a whole lot of buzz coming out of the Georgia camp right now regarding Carter, and that is a little surprising coming off of the Georgia visit. LSU is in there on Carter as well. Some will say that they are running second behind Georgia. He tripped there in January. Despite the loss of defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt to the Dawgs from FSU, the Noles seem to be in it because the one assistant they kept is the guy they promoted to defensive coordinator. They are the only ones that seem to believe they have a chance with Carter. Florida comes in with a defensive line puzzle missing one piece, an All-American BUCK player. They can sell that and Brad Lawing who has recruited very well has been selling it. If there is one defensive staff is the most comfortable with as a whole it is probably Florida. And the head coach is also a defensive guy. The staff feels like they have a great shot here. I want to say Florida here, but I am going to hold off for now and say Georgia until I hear more about the weekend. Stay tuned.

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McWilliams remains committed to Missouri. I love his game and so does the staff, but they promised the scholarship to Carter so they will wait on the big guy. If McWilliams can hold out and that spot is open, I feel confident he will stay in state and be a Gator.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The Gators look good to add one more BUCK to the class. Carter would likely make this one of the top two D-Line hauls in the country, while McWilliams would help them into the top five in my opinion.

THE NUMBERS: I keep hearing that there are only five spots left, but I keep coming up with six more in the class. I am going to stick with six and as we posted it appears they have a fallback for everyone except at quarterback, but heck they may have someone there as well.

With three days left, there is going to be a lot to watch.

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