Hard work makes Bryan different

There are a lot of athletes that have been blessed with athletic ability and no doubt they have to work hard to stay at the top of their game. There are some that only know how to work hard and that is why they excel. The latter is the case with Casper , Wyoming defensive end Taven Bryan who signed with Florida on Wednesday.

Natrona County High School head coach Steve Harshman couldn't be more proud of Taven Bryan and says the kid has been a winner for his entire career starting from the first game of his sophomore season.

"He's been a three year starter for us," Harshman said. "We are a pretty big school, so it's pretty rare. He started at left offensive tackle and as a sophomore started every game. He started every game the next year as a junior and played a lot of defense as well. This last year we lost the state title game by a point, but he did not play in that game and got injured in the semifinals the week before."

Harshman says that Bryan is talented beyond his years having actually played his career at a younger age than most in the same grade. He has a built in work ethic because of his father who only knows the same.

"The thing that is most impressive is that he is a young kid and could be a junior in high school," he said of Bryan. "He is big and has good speed, he can flat run. He will really develop.

"I think he has a great capacity to work. I think he can do brutal work. His dad is a fireman and a former Navy Seal, he has just been brought up in a working environment and always worked hard. " Florida is looking to slot the 6-foot-5, 250 pound Bryan at defensive end, but Coach Harshman says he could play a lot of places.

"Wherever you will put him and coach him up, he will do well," he said. "He is a good wrestler, threw the discus, he can do anything. He has that speed, strength, and toughness to play a lot of positions. Offensive tackle is one of the more athletic spots which is where we had him."

Harshman says there are no issues with Bryan fitting in.

"He's a good kid," the coach said. "He's morally and ethically solid guy. He knows right from wrong and never been a kid in any trouble. He will get along and be a straight shooter. "

Casper, Wyoming to Gainesville, Florida is a long way to go and could be a bit of a culture shock. But, Harshman says his recruitment went crazy and Bryan really liked what he saw in Florida.

"He went out to a few camps around Texas before his junior year," the coach said. "Washington got on him first and of course Wyoming. Washington offered and then it blew up. Nebraska and everybody was all of a sudden here. All of the Pac-12 was here. Then the SEC, Tennessee was out here, a lot of contact from Alabama, and of course Florida.

"He was just really impressed with the people at Florida, the kids on the team, and Florida is a beautiful state. Florida and Wyoming are not that dissimilar. You guys lead the nation in cattle production and have a lot of rural components to your state. They are real similar in lots of ways. "

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