Three fast offers for Dexter Williams

Things were nice and slow in the recruiting process for Dexter Williams until the weekend. The Orlando (Fla.) Olympia running back was getting attention from college coaches, but most of it was coming through the mail. Then Williams ventured over to a Nike combine this weekend and walked away with the highest current score on the circuit. Three offers later, he is all the buzz.

His film is electric and Dexter Williams has the size at 6-foot and 190 pounds to be a premiere collegiate back. But sometimes it takes a little more to get noticed and that he did this past weekend with the big combine. Scoring a 117.03 total score and running a 4.54 laser timed 40 yard dash in the rain, Williams got the attention real quick.

Monday Miami called and offered, Tuesday Florida offered, and Wednesday South Carolina offered. His first three offers and all from major schools and all in a real hurry now to get him on campus and get to know more about him.

"I wasn't expecting Miami, they came out of nowhere," an excited Williams said by phone Wednesday night. "I just got done with 7th period (on Monday) and my coach told me I needed to call Miami now. Coach Hurlie Brown said I was an awesome player and they needed to get me down there right now. We had a little talk and they offered me right there on the spot. I was surprised because I hadn't received letters or anything.

"I was getting letters from South Carolina and Florida, and I was expecting South Carolina to offer me first. But Miami did. Then I was expecting Florida offer me next week, but that came Tuesday. Coach Brian White (Florida running back coach) talked to me."

Florida was next in line for the young running back.

"Coach White tells me I am a great athlete and can do things with the ball," Williams said. "He tells me Florida is where I need to be. Just keep doing what I are doing and we will see you soon. He wants me to come up for the Junior Day on Feb 22 and I am going to try and make it happen."

South Carolina was soon to follow.

"Coach told me to call him and I talked to Everette Sands, the running back coach," Williams said of the Gamecocks. "He was upset because they wanted to be my first offer. Once he heard Miami and Florida offered they jumped on it now. He wants me to come up for Junior Day in March.

Williams is one of a few offensive weapons at Olympia, but that hasn't kept him from churning up the numbers. In jhis junior season he rushed for 1,072 yards on 174 carries and four touchdowns. He wants to do more in his senior year.

"I was just blessed with the talent," he said about how he learned to play like he does. "I have been playing football since I was six. My Pop Warner coaches knew I had talent. Ever since then I have been working with speed-line training and have gotten a lot better.

It is all about speed and his quick acceleration according to Williams.

"The thing I do best on the field is my speed, turning corners, getting up field, covering ground, and making big plays," he said. "Once I get my foot in the ground, it is one direction… North-South." will be keeping a close eye on Williams as we move forward. It appears the rest of the college football world will as well.

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