Jordan visits Dawgs and Gators

One of the hottest prospects in all of America in terms of gathering college scholarship offers to play football is Jacksonville (Fla.) Bishop Kenny offensive lineman Tyler Jordan. As late as November of 2013, Jordan stood with a single offer and now has 17 from some of the premier programs in the country. He visited two of them this weekend.

Tyler Jordan is a pretty humble kid and this recruiting thing is coming hard and fast at him. He has shown the ability to adjust to all the notoriety and the privileges that come with gaining a football scholarship offer from some prestigious schools.

The young lineman and his family have tried to stay a step ahead and really get to know some of the programs that are coming after him. He has developed a checklist that he fills out shortly after visiting the schools and two of the more recent trips likely got good marks.

A week earlier Jordan made a trip to the Carolinas where he had just one offer from the group, on a whirlwind four-stop tour of North Carolina, North Carolina State, Wake Forest and South Carolina, he had four offers after meeting each staff in person.

This weekend, he tripped to Athens, Georgia to the Junior Day and got to see what the Dawgs had to offer.

"It was good, it was Junior Day, so there were a lot of people there," Jordan said of the trip. "We got there and measured in, we went in and they gave us some socializing time with other players. They had Play Station out, Corn hole, X-box, it was just a time to socialize and eat with other players.

Georgia didn't waste much time, they got right into the nuts and bolts of meeting the coaches and seeing what it was like playing for head coach Mark Richt.

"After that Coach Richt came out and talked to us," he said. "Then we went in and split up offense and defense into meeting rooms, then into position groups. They had a presentation for us.

"Then we split up into positions and watched film and a tour of the facilities also."

Offensive line coach Will Friend got involved with Jordan as well.

"I talked with the offensive line coach," the young lineman said. "He said that he really liked my film and athleticism. He liked my work ethic and my flexibility."

It was a little bit different in Gainesville. Jordan was one of just two prospects on campus visiting with the staff and the team and so he got a lot of red carpet treatment on the trip.

"We started about 11 am," he said of his trip to Florida on Monday. "I went to the offensive staff room and basically met the whole staff. After that I went to the weight room and watched the 11:00 group lift. Then I went to the dining hall to eat lunch with Coach Summers and Coach Roper."

He got to spend a good deal of time with Florida offensive line coach Mike Summers. Summers was kind of feeling Jordan out and put him on the spot a little bit, but the young man was ready.

"I went to Coach Summers' office and watched and he drew stuff up on the board," Jordan said. "He was asking me questions and trying to quiz me to see how (football) smart I was.

"He drew up a run scheme and then drew the front up on the board. He wanted me to say what each position did in that scheme. He ran through some run plays with me."

Jordan stands 6-foot-4.5 and 270 pounds. As of now, he projects as an inside player at Florida. That isn't set in stone though and everybody understands that.

"I talked to Coach Summers about it and he said that Coach Roper and Muschamp said I should play somewhere inside," Jordan said. "I asked him what he thought and he said it was hard to tell because I'm only 16 right now and he wants to see where I grow. He kind of wants to see me and how well I would play at center."

Of his six and half hours in Gainesville where he did a myriad of things, Jordan says his time spent with the Florida staff was the thing that most stood out to him.

"I really like the relationship with the coaches," he said. "We watched the off-season conditioning stuff too and after that (at the end) I met with Coach Muschamp, Coach Roper, and Coach Summers in Coach Muschamp's office and we just sat there and talked for 45 minutes."

The Gators want Jordan, but they understand he needs to make the best decision for himself. They made sure to know how important a piece of the puzzle he is.

Roper, Jordan, Muschamp, Summers

"They're not pushing me, they told me they want to sign five guys in my class," Jordan said. "They said I have time, but they really, really want me to be in the class."

The lifelong Gator fan appreciated both the candor and the distance that the staff afforded him.

"It means a lot because with all the injuries they have they really need good linemen and they want me to be one of them," he said.

Florida is holding another Junior Day in a week and Jordan says he plans on coming back on Saturday. He will check out other places as well, but he is reaching a limit as to the extent he will look.

"I will probably visit more places," he said. "It is fun to get to see so many different schools and tour everything. At a certain point it gets a little overwhelming."

Finally, Jordan says that his plan is to find the program that fits him best and commit to that program before the start of the football season.

"I plan on making a decision before the season, at the latest, by the end of summer," he said.

Stay tuned as we continue to follow Tyler Jordan and his recruitment.

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