Terry Norvelle's Random Thoughts

The NCAA bashing regarding their treatment of Chris Walker has really made me chuckle. Like everyone else I could hardly wait to see him get on the court. But to whom should the blame be placed for Walker's ultimate 12 game suspension the NCAA or Walker himself?

Speaking of the NCAA, it is always funny how some people view that organization. Many feel that the NCAA is some communist entity that wrestled control of college athletics years ago and all of the normal rational thinking people are at its mercy. In actuality the NCAA is; Florida, Ohio St., USC, Tennessee, etc who collectively govern the world of college sports.

Determining amateurism, creating the clearinghouse, rules and regulations, etc. are all collectively determined by all of the schools, school AD's and school presidents. Now keep that in mind as we get back to Chris Walker who had TWO major issues; his academic eligibility and his amateur status.

Why did it take the NCAA so long to rule that Walker must sit 12 games? Remember, at the start of the fall semester Chris Walker was NOT a college student. The NCAA has many cases to work and they certainly can't put a NON-COLLEGE STUDENT at the front of the investigative line. Had Walker been academically eligible to start the fall semester there is a good chance the amateur investigation would have been completed and Walker's first game on the court would have been Jan. 4th vs. Richmond.

By the way, is VERY close to playing basketball and not thinking basketball on the court and when that happens look out.

Editor's Note: Terry Norvelle is a sports broadcast veteran of both radio and television in and around the Jacksonville and Central Florida areas. Terry spent many years as the co-host of Sun Sports' "Rec Warehouse College Kickoff," the network's statewide college football preview show. He was on site for a week of radio and television coverage for all three UF football national championships.

In addition to his duties with Sun Sports, Norvelle hosted many sports radio shows over the years in Jacksonville, Gainesville and Ocala.

We are glad and excited he has decided to join us to share his thoughts from time to time.

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