Orlando's Finest: Rat Pak 7on7

Keiwan Ratliff will be joining us here at FightinGators.com to help our recruiting coverage. The Gator Great and soon to be University of Florida Hall of Fame member also spent several years in the NFL and will bring his expertise to Fightin' Gators. Ratliff currently coaches the Orlando based Rat Pak 7on7 team and has done a breakdown of the top players on the squad.

We asked Keiwan Ratliff to talk about the guys on his team and here is his scouting of the guys he coaches every weekend. QB Deondre Francois, Orlando (Fla.) Olympia - He has poise, patience, and throws a pretty ball. It is a very catchable ball and receivers love playing with him. His arm is so good, with the first read he can get it every time, but he needs to scan the field better.

QB Jackson White (2016), Gainesville (Fla.) Buchholz – He won't let the ball go. He will take the 4-second sack rather than throw the interception. When he does throw, he knows where it goes, he is smart. He is accurate, but not really a strong arm. If the team is in a zone, he will pick them apart.

RB Jacques Patrick, Winter Park (Fla.) Timbercreek - He is a physical freak, he is too big to have the hands and speed that he does. The one drawback is that he needs to learn how to run routes.

RB Dexter Williams, Winter Garden (Fla.) West Orange – He has the burst. He gains ground on most people in his first two steps. He is shot out of a cannon when he comes out. He has good size as well. He does need to work on his hands… he will catch the hard ones and drop the easy ones.

RB Jaylon Hamer, Ocoee (Fla.) Ocoee - We call him ‘205' because he is 5-foot-9 and 205 pounds. He is the Swiss-army knife guy. He can play anything. He will play running back, safety, linebacker, receiver, and he won't look out of place. He just hasn't played a lot of meaningful high school football.

WR Mike Macon, Orlando (Fla.) Olympia – Great route runner, he is smart and polished. I really like Mike and if we had a route running competition, he would win it. He is a bit smaller than ideal… the bigger corners will get on him and be physical with him.

WR Nyqwan Murray, Orlando (Fla.) Oak Ridge – He is just a play maker. Some guys you have to coach up and some guys have to get on the ball and watch. He won't wow you with the speed, but will lull you to sleep and blow by you.

WR Maurice Thomas, Winter Park (Fla.) Lake Howell - He's a slot receiver. He won't pass the eye test because of his height, but he is our slot /wiggle guy. He will get open… if you tell him he has four seconds in a game of tag, he won't get touched.

WR (2016) Kyle Panagiotou, Oveido (Fla.) – I call him ‘Leland Welker', Wes Welker's younger brother. He is the smartest slot receiver we have. He's a little wet behind the ears, because he is younger. He is behind some real good guys at his high school and never asked to be the guy.

TE Garrett Williams, Orlando (Fla.) The First Academy – He's a gamer. At his high school he is a defensive end and blocking back. He is a great problem that college coaches want, because anything he learns as a pass catcher is a plus. I think he has caught four total passes as a tight end in high school. He isn't very fast, but is very strong. He has some hands… he just doesn't know how to be a receiving tight end yet.

Patrick is a big time running back

LB Jonathan Pollock, Orlando (Fla.) Dr. Phillips – I know he will be ready to play. I know what I will get. He doesn't understand mismatches, and believes he is better than anyone out here. Sometimes that is bad, but I love it because we know we are getting 100% from him on every play.

CB Jalean Perkins, Orlando (Fla.) Olympia – ‘Sunshine' can be the best corner on the field or the worst. It is all mental for him. Once he understands the game of football, the sky is the limit. He's long, he can run, he is a n attack guy, he is physical, will hit, and mix it up.

CB New-k Tillman, Sanford (Fla.) Seminole – He is a quarterback for his high school team because he is smart. He will be in the toughest spots out of the DB's because he prepares the best of all the DB's in practice. He will play in the slot side all the time. He's quick, smart, instinctive, fast, and has great ball skills. He just doesn't play the position, so how is he going to react when he gets beat one time and the other team goes crazy?

CB Shelton Lewis, Orlando (Fla.) East River - He is probably the smartest defensive back we have. He is a baby Rhonde Barber. When we play cover-2 he has to go in the slot. Because he is the smartest. He has great cover skills and will come up and hit. The only thing with Shelton, is that he is a nice kid. Will he be mean? I don't know if on the jump ball he is ready to push the receiver down to make the pick. When he gets to that point, you have an all-around complete player.

CB Calvin Logan, Kissimmee (Fla.) Gateway – He is another long corner. He is one of the rare guys on my team that would excel at Cover-1. "Just put me on an island coach, and I will get my guy". He is one of the only ones that is sound enough at this age to do that. His ball skills aren't great, but good enough and he is long.

CB Naquan Howard, Gainesville (Fla.) Buchholz – I just don't know what position he is. Everywhere we put him he is good and we want to play him there. He is a plug and play guy. I love kids like Naquan because you can just put him in the middle on offense or defense. He is just a natural player, he has good size and everything he does is just natural. I can imagine how good he would be if he buckled down at one position.

CB Jalen Julius, Orlando (Fla.) Evans – In a flat out foot race, I am not betting against Jalen Julius. He plays running back for his high school team, but the first day he came out I put him at cornerback. He gave me a look for that like I was crazy. But, his money is at cornerback. His hips and everything, he is a natural athlete. Last week he had three receivers that couldn't get off the ball and that is after playing the position only a few weeks. If he learns a little more technique with that speed and athleticism, he will be special. He has tremendous up-side.

CB Romero Wade, Longwood (Fla.) Lyman – With his size, I don't know where he will end up playing. I just know he is big, probably 6-foot-1 and 205 pounds. He is bottom heavy, but looks great in pads. He is only a junior so it is hard to say where he will play. I put him in the middle of the field because his side of the field is always quiet. You never notice him because he never gets beat or does anything wrong. He makes his plays and gets off the field.

CB Tyler Castillo, Orlando (Fla.) East River - His high school team is going to put him at receiver. He missed his junior year because of a knee injury. Now he is full throttle and he has the two best defensive plays on the team during practice. He's a little undersized, but that is the only knock.

Saf Mykal Woulard, Orlando (Fla.) University - I want to see the fight in him. He doesn't say much or talk much. I just want to see if he has some fight in him. He is the most technically sound cover guy on the team and he is a safety. He has very good ball skills and is well trained.

Saf Vernon Walker, Orlando (Fla.) Dr. Phillips – "Taz" , he is so aggressive in pads. I have to keep reminding him that this is passing only. He has to start thinking about getting depth instead of heading toward the line of scrimmage like a strong safety in constant run support. He has great range, great ball skill, and good size. I just want to see if he can cover sideline to sideline instead of just forward and backward.

Saf Deangelo Antoine, Orlando (Fla.) Oak Ridge – He is my "go to guy" on defense. If they have a star at running back, he will play middle linebacker, if the star is outside, he will play corner, if the star is in the slot, he will go to Nickel. He is a difference maker and I know he will be the same guy if we are up by 20 or down by 20. His big deal is trying to find the right position. He plays everywhere and never gets great at one.

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