Terry Norvelle's Random Thoughts

With the current Gators basketball squad doing things no other squad at Florida has done, the Gator Nation is captivated by this number one ranked squad. Terry Norvelle offers up some of his thought on the team and more in this version of what will be a regular piece on FightinGators.com.

Editor's Note: Terry Norvelle is a sports broadcast veteran of both radio and television in and around the Jacksonville and Central Florida areas. Terry spent many years as the co-host of Sun Sports' "Rec Warehouse College Kickoff," the network's statewide college football preview show. He was on site for a week of radio and television coverage for all three UF football national championships.

In addition to his duties with Sun Sports, Norvelle hosted many sports radio shows over the years in Jacksonville, Gainesville and Ocala.

We are happy and excited he has decided to join us to share his thoughts from time to time.

Random basketball thoughts from the mind of Terry Norvelle...

*I don't see DeVon Walker ever having the well rounded game of Casey Prather, but from a development standpoint it is hard not to see a similar jump in his overall game/confidence. In sports you just never know when the proverbial light will come on... sometimes it never does.

*I hope the new hand-check rule works itself out soon. Right now it seems like there are two separate games being played divided by the free throw line extended. Below the line it looks like a Hatfield and McCoy's brawl while above the line if a defender has a dirty thought he is whistled for a foul.

*If you find out where to buy futures stock in Patric Young let me know. It is hard to imagine a scenario where he does not average a triple double in the game of life.

*I know it is early but remember this…March Madness games slow down, are lower scoring and tend to favor defense and tough guard play…Sound like any team you know?

*Hope you are sitting down for this one. Due to the volatile nature of coaching in the NBA had Billy Donovan stayed with the Orlando Magic he would probably be coaching at someplace like N.C. State right now.You see what I did there?

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