Rat's Raves: Pylon 7on7 Top DB's & Playmaker

The new 7on7 organization Pylon had a big time showcase tournament in Melbourne this past weekend. FightinGators.com's own Keiwan Ratliff was on hand as the coach of the Orlando area's Rat Pak, and was able to spy in on some of the prospects from other teams during the two day event. Here is what the UF Hall of Famer and former NFL player had to say about some of the top players from the weekend.

Top 5 Defensive Backs

Kevin Toliver - This kid is what you would make in a video game… he's 6'2', 190, patient, and a technically sound CB. He's equivalent to having Richard Sherman in H.S. I love the way he plays nasty mean and with an attitude. It takes a top notch WR to not only get a catch but get off the line often times at tournaments with "Baby C Wood".

Tarvarus McFadden - Here's another EA sports created player. A 6'3' CB who has hips and range. He along with Toliver make it hard on QBs to find spots to place the ball with their length. He's physical at the line which makes it even less space given the 4 second play clock. He could be a special player with that combination of size, speed, and range.


Derwin James - At first he started off on a quiet note. He seemed to be still getting use to wearing the cleats again but he got comfortable on day two. He looks like a college senior at the position and roamed the field and made plays when they came. You can see from his frame he works hard, so match that with a college schedule he could be scary good.

Antonio Howard - This class of 2016 dude flat out balled. He took any match up they needed him to and handled himself like a 5-star. I had no clue who this kid was Saturday, but come Sunday he forced me to ask his name. I watched him up against top WRs many of which were 6'2 or taller and he did more than hold his own.

Chauncey Gardner - another Safety prospect headed to the U that fits the mold. He dissects plays well from deep and breaks on balls with speed. Great ball skills good size and the fact that he's a 2016 kid he can only get better. Playing at Cocoa has him with a winners mentality and he plays with a cocky demeanor that you need at the position.

Playmaker (RB)

Ray Ray McCloud - I'd love to see Ray Ray four years from now just to see what position he ends up playing. I've seen him line up at CB and look like a college 3 year starter, then I've seen him line up at WR and catch numerous passes like its 2nd nature. All that being said he plays RB for his H.S. Team and excels at that. There may not be anything he can't do on the field.

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