Rat's Raves: Pylon 7on Surprises & Young Guys

Keiwan Ratliff continues with his thoughts on the Pylon 7on7 tournament this last weekend in Melbourne, Florida. A lot of the region's best prospects were on hand and although he couldn't watch them all, Ratliff got a good look at most of the teams and best players in the tournament. The third part of a 3-part series, he talks now about some guys with little publicity and some younger prospects.

Two Underrated


Lenwood Joyner - he was unstoppable. He is maybe quicker than fast but both speeds are above average. Where in 11 on 11 you get penalized for a smaller stature but in 7 on 7 those are the match ups you look for. He's lightning in a bottle. He can take a handoff or short pass and go for 6 in a one hand touch game.


Romero Wade - off first glance he seems to be a safety with his size. After watching him against 2 of the top WR not only in the state but the country and make play after play it was obvious he was ready. He came away with countless PBUs and a few picks and had just as good of a tournament as any CB there.

Three Underclassmen

Bruce Judson - This 2017 kid is going to be special. He lines up at any position on the field and makes it look easy. He's fast enough and skilled enough to play any skill position on the field at a young age. Stepped up against top notch talent at a different position and played the part like an upcoming Sr.

Clevan Thomas - I had no idea this kid was as young as he was (2017). He fits in with the top team out there and competed with the best of them. He comes from great lineage and you can tell right away he will be special. This kid will be one to watch over the next few years as he will no doubt blow up.

Tyreke Johnson - Playing beside two of the top safeties in the class of 2015, this 2018, yes that's right 2018, kid blended right in. I couldn't tell who was who when watching his team play. I saw him make plays on the sideline which displayed his ability to cover grass and he made plays on the eeeeeeooopp ball. 7 on 7 lingo
Eeeeeoooopp ball = ball thrown up on multiple defenders

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