Terry Norvelle's Random Thoughts

The Florida gators just clinched their third SEC conference regular season championship in the last four years and can start to turn their sites to post season a little bit. Of course they need to continue to win for seeding purposes in the NCAA tournament, but as they move forward thoughts start to move to the ‘Big Dance' Terry Norvelle gives his thoughts on winning it all.

As we sit roughly 3 weeks from March Madness here is a little exercise to illustrate just how difficult it is to win the basketball national championship…

As most probably know the champion must win 6 straight games in the tourney. Using today's ESPN basketball top 10 I checked on how many of the top 10 have even won 6 straight games in the month of February. I use February because those games ratchet up in intensity closest to March Madness as opposed to games played November-January.

For reference, all teams played either 8 or 9 games in February with Creighton being the exception. The Blue Jays only played 6. Only four teams won at least 6 straight games in February. The top 2 ranked teams in the country, Florida and Wichita St. Louisville went 8-0 and only had to beat one ranked team which was Cincinnati. And the fourth team was #10 Saint Louis who last night lost their final game in February.

Just a little perspective on something I used to say on radio all the time regarding ALL sports. "IT'S HARD TO WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS !"

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