Jacksonville's Finest: 'Pro Impact Sports'

The Jacksonville, Florida area has picked up tremendously in the last few years in terms of the quantity of big time college football prospects coming from the area. One of the benefactors of this talent boom has been 7 on 7 machine ‘Pro Impact' who continues to put championship caliber teams in big time tournaments during the spring and summer circuits.

Gerard Ross and Gus Scott lead the coaching for Pro Impact and having already started the spring touring, Ross took a few minutes to discuss his squad and all of the players on it.

QB Feleipe Franks (2016) (6-5, 190) Crawfordville Wakulla - "He has a big arm and can throw the ball about 80-yards already. He will be an Elite-11 quarterback and a 4-5 star quarterback. I think he throws the ball on the radius as a good college quarterback already. He has a little bit to work on in the short to intermediate passing game, reading progressions, but that is any young quarterback."

Feleipe Franks

QB Brycen Lee (6-5, 170) Mayo Lafayette - "He's underrated. He's ice cold and laid back. He doesn't buckle under pressure. He does a great job of reading defenses right now. That is a strength along with understanding what the defense is doing. I think he is crisp and ready and I think things should pick up for him as far as offers."

RB Trey Sneed (2016) (5-11, 188) Orange Park Fleming Island - "He's very quick and has great hands, some of the best on the team. He has great straight line speed. I don't think there is a linebacker out there that can cover him one-on-one."

RB Jalin Buie (2016) (5-9, 185) Jacksonville Trinity Christian - "He's a shifty kid. H is very explosive and competitive. He is good matchup versus linebackers and stuff like that."

Jalin Buie

WR Chris Barr (5-11, 175) Jacksonville Trinity Christian - "He is the fastest guy on the team. He's a track guy that will be used in the slot. He is very explosive and is good with the deep ball so that helps with intermediate game. He needs to master the "Comeback Route". His speed threatens the defense so much, if he learns that he will be a complete receiver."

WR Javarius Davis (5-10, 185) Jacksonville Ed White - "He is a running back at the college level, but plays receiver for us. He is a guy that has the ‘it' factor. Whatever we need he can do it and do it at a high level. As a running back he is very explosive as well. He needs to improve his route running, but he always gets it done for us."

WR Damien McGhee (2016) (6-2, 170) Jacksonville Duval Charter School - "He has long hands and arms. He is a great route runner intermediate. He needs to improve on the deep ball. He understands how to fit into zones."

WR Jeffery Holland (6-2, 230) Jacksonville Trinity Christian - "He's one of those guys that shows up once in every ten years. He can do a back flip and dunk a basketball. He can play running back, receiver, tight end, linebacker, or free safety. It is on him to make it, because he has the tools and talent to make it on Sundays. God has blessed him with everything to make it."

Jeffery Holland

WR Keandre McCray (6-2, 180) Gainesville Eastside - "He is an under the radar guy. He has a great vertical and is a jump ball guy. He's great on the fade. He is one of those guys that will get it done."

WR Gary Scott (5-10, 170) Jacksonville Trinity Christian - "He is a slot receiver and kind of overshadowed by Chris Barr and Isaiah Ford, but definitely a division one receiver. He is very coachable and has good quickness."

WR Derrick Smith (2017) (6-2, 175) Orange Park Fleming Island - "He will end up in his senior year being the best receiver in North Florida. He is already filled out. He has strong hands and runs a great vertical. He is good in the intermediate routes and is very competitive. He likes to go against Toliver and that says a lot about his competitiveness."

WR David Gardner (6-1, 170) Jacksonville Atlantic Coast -"He's more of a possession guy. He does a great job against zone defenses. He needs to improve on the deep ball, but does a great job in the intermediate game."

WR Tymeek Brown (6-0, 175) Jacksonville Raines - "He‘s very quick and elusive, something like Santana Moss. He has home run speed and agility. He's like an Ace Sanders or T.Y. Hilton, he reminds me of those guys. He is definitely under-the-radar in the recruiting process."

WR Jamal Hardeman (5-11, 175) Jacksonville Ribault -"He's another slot guy. Wherever we have the route drawn on paper that is where he will be at. He is a very coachable kid. He has good hands and good speed. He is a real good systematic guy."

WR Rick Wells (2016) (6-2, 178) Jacksonville Raines - "He will be a lot like Isaiah Ford. He runs a great fade ball. He is very competitive and plays quarterback. He is unique and will be the top player at receiver as a senior."

WR Ahmad Ivey (5-8, 165) Gainesville High School – "He's can play a lot of places. He can go play running back, receiver, punt returner. He is a very competitive person and has a good IQ on the football field and is very quick."

LB Victor Alexander (5-10, 220) Jacksonville Trinity Christian - "In my opinion, he is the best linebacker in the country. He can run like a defensive back. He doesn't have great height, but is muscled up. He can bench press 315, nine times. He is in on 7on7 to get his footwork right so he can be treated as a DB or linebacker."

Victor Alexander

LB Andre Smith (6-0, 220) Jacksonville Trinity Christian - "He has the ability to play safety. He reminds me of Derrick Brooks because he can play linebacker or safety. He does a great job of jamming guys at the line of scrimmage."

DB Deontai Williams (6-1, 180) Jacksonville Trinity Christian - "He is another guy that projects as an NFL guy as well. He has the ability, but also has football savvy, football smarts. He studies film. He can play corner, just as well as Toliver. He has long arms to be able to press and re-direct. He can play safety and both hash marks and half the field. He understands how to dive down and rob routes. He is a very diverse prospect."

DB Ronnie Harrison (6-2, 200) Tallahassee Florida State University School - "He's a very long corner. Good press man and good footwork. He comes out of his break really well and has good smarts for the game."

Ronnie Harrison

DB Jaylon McClain-Sapp (2016) (5-11, 170) -"He's very competitive and has 100% confidence in everything he does."

DB Ben Edwards (6-0, 195) Jacksonville Trinity Christian - "He's a very explosive kid, physical. He is more of a safety than a cover guy. He is very intelligent that could play at Stanford, even though he's at Ohio State."

DB Tyreke Johnson (2018) (6-2, 180) Jacksonville Trinity Christian - "He's one of those that come around every 10-15 years. He's been playing high school varsity football since 7th grade. He has eight BCS offers as an eighth grader. He is hungry for the knowledge of the game. He has great speed and hands. He is just a great athlete. He will be a top five player hands down when he finishes high school."

DB Caleb Holmes (5-11, 180) Jacksonville Raines - "Strong safety type, that does a good job of rolling down in the zone and disguising his coverages. He has good hands and good instincts."

DB Leishaun Ealey (5-10, 165) Jacksonville Atlantic Coast - "He's a cover guy that does well in man-to-man. He does a good job of coming out of his break. He has good hips and change of direction. He does a good job of keeping his eyes on the receiver. He is very disciplined in playing the receivers hands."

DB Kevin Toliver (6-2, 180) Jacksonville Trinity Christian - "I would say he is a top five prospect in the country. He has done everything he needs to do in the weight room and the class room and film preparation. He understands the route the receiver is going to run by the alignment of the receiver on the field. He is a very smart corner and coachable kid. He picks up on things on the very next rep."

Kevin Toliver

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