Terry Norvelle's Random Thoughts

Here is the latest thoughts from Terry Norvelle, the Gainesville /Ocala /Jacksonville radio host who isn't afraid to speak his mind about things. Norvelle calls to task the band wagon fans of some. It is a big week for Florida basketball finishing the regualr season with Kentucky at home, spawning this from Norvelle.

"Ashley, oh Ashley will I see you on Saturday for the Florida-Kentucky basketball game in Gainesville?" No, that is not a line from the movie Gone with the Wind. It is directed at one of the worst sports fans in the country, Ashley Judd.

Speaking of fans did Judd go to the same "how to be a front running fan" class as Burt Reynolds? Funny how "Buddy" Reynolds never seemed to remember how to get to Tallahassee during the 1960's and most of the 1970's. But once FSU became a national power he was on the Seminoles sideline more than the chain gang.

In the case of Ashley Judd she is the face of Kentucky basketball when the Cats are good. Sure don't remember her at all the games last season when UK was having an NIT season. And hey Ash don't play the "I cant get a ticket card." I'm sure that with about 10,000 of the expected close to 13,000 fans in Gainesville for the Florida vs. Kentucky game Saturday being male Gator fans one of those guys would be happy to let you sit on their lap.

With Kentucky limping to the end of the regular season like a three-legged mule I don't expect Judd to get within 500 miles of Gainesville. I think we know where she would be if the Cats were 28-2, 17-0 in the SEC and ranked #1 in the country?

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