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The Florida Gators have the number one basketball team in the country and a lot is made of the four seniors that start for the Gators. They have been through many battles together and seen the highs and the lows of both in-season and in post-season games. Terry Norvelle shares his thoughts on why this team ranks up there with the best.

There has been great discussion the past week or so on this basketball board regarding this years Florida basketball team vs. the back to back championship team(s). Which team would win, what are each teams strengths/weaknesses, etc? Many great points have been made for both squads.

For me there is one glaring similarity. The link is likability.

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During the back to back years many of my garnet and gold friends who love FSU with all their heart would point out that that it was just hard not to like those Gator teams. That seemed to be the prevailing feeling around the country regarding Al, Corey, Lee and even Joakim because he always played 100 mph.

You get the feeling most of the country sure wants to knock off this year's team but they don't have hatred for them like some great teams of the past like the Michigan Fab Five, UNLV and from the NBA the Detroit Bad Boys. Using a couple of football comparisons, sure in the day Charlie Ward and Warrick Dunn were Gator killers, but man it sure was hard not to like those guys.

It is just good to know that there are still some sports fans out there that no matter who they root for can still appreciate a team that plays hard/clean like the aforementioned Gator basketball teams. You gotta like that.

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