Sweet blessed with Nole and Dawg offers

Jacksonville (Fla.) First Coast High School has become a hotbed for college football prospects over the last several years and the 2015 recruiting class is no different. With several players looking to sign college scholarships to Football Bowl Subdivision schools, Lineman William Sweet is earning offers from a lot of the biggest names in the sport.

Almost two weeks ago William Sweet got an offer from Florida after visiting Gainesville for Junior Day. Already having an offer from Miami, Florida State stepped in the ring and offered last weekend when he visited Tallahassee for Junior Day. A few days later, the Georgia Bulldogs called and extended the 6-foot-7, 275 pound lineman an offer as well.

Sweet has been visiting college campuses and trying to get firsthand knowledge of the schools that are showing interest. Tallahassee was his destination a week ago.

"We went down there last weekend and I talked to Coach Fisher," he said of FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher. "He wants me to become a Nole. They like my athleticism… the offensive line coach was messing with me about my ankles. He said I had ankles like some of the skill guys."

Thursday Sweet was called to his coach's office and put on the phone with Georgia defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt.

"I talked to Coach Pruitt on the phone after school and he said they would like to offer me a full scholarship at Georgie and he wants me to be a Dawg," Sweet said. "I am just extremely blessed to even be considered for a scholarship at a school like Georgia."

Don't expect Sweet to offer up a leader right now. He is busy taking it all in and understands how special it is for someone to be in the position he is right now.

"All of these offers are big for me right now," he said. "I am just extremely humble and blessed to be considered for a scholarship for these schools. I'm just taking it in and working hard and am real excited about these things."

Sweet is a different kind of interview on the high school recruiting scene. He's a guy that seems to understand the significance of a college scholarship in terms of the opportunity it brings in getting an education. Some guys may talk that game, you really get the feeling he believes it.

The benefit of earning a scholarship is big for himself, his family, and other guys on his team that are striving to try and do the same thing.

"My family plays a big part in all of this… my family at home and my family at school," Sweet said. I try and inspire to do the right things to work hard and they can do what I have accomplished getting these offers. I am extremely blessed and know it is because the hard work."

His parents have pushed him to do the right things and told him his hard work would pay off and now Sweet is reaping the rewards of all of that work.

"I live with my mom and dad," he said. "They are still taking it in. I am sure any parent would be happy if they didn't have to come out of their pocket for college. I know their prayers have been answered and they are starting to see what I didn't see when I was coming up."

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Sweet has an older brother that is somewhat living through his younger brother's successes, but also providing some help in making a good decision and some elderly advice that a 31 year old can offer a younger sibling of 16. "My brother has taken me to some of these colleges if he can get off of work," Sweet said. "We just get in the car and ride out. He's a big part of my life."

As for a decision, Sweet doesn't want to wait too long, but he also would like to enjoy the process as much as he can without going too far. So as much as he would like to make a decision before the season starts, he isn't sure that is going to happen.

"There isn't really a date set in stone," Sweet said. "It will come pretty soon. My senior year is coming. I want to do it before I start my season. That is the plan, but I have been told if I do that I can't take my final official visits."

"I originally wanted to use all five of them, because it is a once in a lifetime experience. I am just praying on it and know whatever I do God has my back."

Whatever happens, you just know that Sweet will make the right decision for himself.

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