Terry Norvelle's Random Thoughts

Terry Norvelle continues on his usual tidbits regarding Gator sports and then some. Norvelle spent years on the radio in Jacksonville, Gainesville, and Ocala and likes to talk a little outside the box sometimes. Here are some thought emanating from Norvelle's mind on the gators basketball squad, baseball, and more.

-There have been some great comparisons recently regarding Michael Frazier and Lee Humphrey shooting the 3-ball after Frazier set the UF/SEC record of 11 in a game. Adding to Frazier's impressive feat is he is doing it from 1 foot further back. The 3 point line was moved back starting with the 08-09 season to its current 20'9'' from its original distance of 19'9''when the line was introduced in 1986. For the record if I had to choose between the two taking a 3 for the win with UF down by two in the NCAA Finals I would take…whoever you did not select because they are both that deadly.

-The two quickest ways to get bounced from March Madness are; 1. your team not being able to throw it in the ocean on that day and 2. your opponent hitting everything they look at that day (see Michigan last year). Conversely, a great way to just win and move on is have "insurance against subjectivity" which is another way of saying overcoming referees quick or bad calls against your team. If Kasey Hill's play vs. Kentucky is an indication of him taking the next step then Florida's point guard insurance policy just got much more valuable.

-Sure there is a lot of baseball left but right now it seems like the Gator baseball team might struggle to get anywhere near 40 wins this year. If that is the case that would make 10 out of the past 25 seasons that they won less than 40 games. I know this lack of sustained consistency drives Jeremy Foley crazy even with many great seasons and a couple of near national championships mixed in. To put it in perspective, playing in an equally competitive baseball conference, FSU has never won less that 44 games during that same time frame. Just goes to show that some things in sports you just can't explain like; Arnold Palmer never winning the PGA Championship, Wilt Chamberlin never fouling out of a game and the Cubs struggling at 3rd base for so long post Ron Santo.

-Random non-Gator sports thought-How much money has the break-away rim saved basketball teams? When was the last time you saw a shattered backboard?

-#2-It looks like the Patrick Ewing inspired t-shirt under the basketball tank top has run its course. The reason? The traditional basketball tank top has now morphed into basically a shirt with no sleeves.

-#3-Speaking of sports fads remember when it seemed like every Major League baseball player was wearing sun glasses both in the field and at bat?

-#4-Time to show my age but what was wrong with the college football/basketball top 20? Somewhere in the 1990's someone decided we needed a top 25. Why?

-If John Calipari's OAD (one and done) philosophy can produce another national championship in say the next 2-3 years all will be fine in Lexington. If not then the question will be was that Anthony Davis/Michael Kidd Gilchrist team an aberration?

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