Terry Norvelle Throws a Change Up

Spring football starts on Wednesday, The NCAA basketball tournament starts Thursday for the Gators. It is a busy week and things are wild and crazy. Leave it to Terry Norvelle to switch things up on us. He takes a look at what could be, if this #1 ranked basketball team was actually a squad full of gridiron heroes.

With the Gator basketball team hopefully about to start a magical 3 week journey that will probably be stressful at times its time to lighten the mood.

And after their lock-down defensive performances at the SEC tournament I am now ready to declare this the best defense in the SEC since the 1992 Bama football team with Copeland/Curry/Langham and that gang.

So how would Billy's hoops defense translate to the gridiron in a 3-4 defensive alignment?

NG- Patric Young- The big man in the middle would give centers fits with his quickness shooting the center/guard gaps.

SDE- Will Yeguete- Not only could he throw tight ends around like rag dolls but he would run step for step with them in pass coverage.

WDE- Chris Walker- So you think Ted Hendricks was long and rangy…How bout Walker with a 7 foot wing span, foot speed to chase down the ball from the backside and how many passes would he bat down?

SAM- Michael Frazier II- His thick frame and great hands would hold up against the run and shed linemen.

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MLB- Billy Donovan JR.- Speaking of a thick frame that would hold up against the running game. Plus he would call all of the defensive alignments.

OLB- Casey Prather- He would be great as a walk up backer who could help put pressure on the QB when needed.

OLB- DeVon Walker- D. Walk has the perfect size and agility to cover backs in the flat or stay on the field in nickel situations on dead red passing downs.

CB- Scottie Wilbekin- The perfect "headhunter" type of CB not afraid to deliver a message when needed. And I have a feeling he would be the ultimate ball hawk. It would be like interceptions would find him.

CB- Kasey Hill- The perfect compliment to Wilbekin. Hill would bring the flash, foot speed and change of direction to match up with the opponents #1 WR.

SS- Dorian Finney-Smith- He is tall and physical enough to wrestle with athletic tight ends. DFS would also be a terror walking toward the line in run support.

FS- Eli Carter- The ultimate rover who combines height and athleticism for pass coverage and run support. Carter would also be great timing the occasional FS blitz.

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