Toughness part of it for Halapio

Will Muschamp touched on it after the Pro Day workouts for several University of Florida football players on Monday. Jon Halapio played and started all year at guard with a torn labrum and performed admirably in doing so. Through all the pain and anguish of an injury that left him basically without the use of one arm, Halapio persevered. Now he is healed and impressing scouts.

When a team drafts Jon Halapio they know they are going to get a player that is both tough and absolutely team minded. He gave up a lot of himself to plat injured including times when he wasn't impressive on the field because of the injury.

"I didn't bench the entire season," he said. "I played in a brace that O never played before. It limited my mobility and my striking zone. I pretty much played with one arm. With the adrenaline, I really didn't feel the pain until afterward."

Will Muschamp mentioned as much after the event Monday, but Halapio was able to get back on course and show the pro scouts what they needed to see. He wasn't able to bench press at the combine because he was still healing from his injury, but he put up 32 repetitions of 225 pounds on Monday and answered any doubters there.

"I just got cleared to bench full just two weeks before the combine," Halapio said following the event. "That's why I didn't. The guys at the place I was at did a really good job of rehab and preparing me for Pro Day."

The weather wasn't the best on Monday. A constant rain fell in Gainesville and the first thoughts were to cancel all the outside drills because of a possible bad performance. Instead, the players sucked it up and impressed when they did. Halapio didn't mind the rain… it at least offered a break from the heat.

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"It was disappointing, but personally I knew it was going to rain," he said. "As a football player I love playing in the rain, it makes it nice and cool, especially in Gainesville. I think we adjusted well. We moved all the drills from outside to inside and came out here to perform well on the turf."

Halapio declined to run the 40 again. He posted a high 5.1 40-yard dash at the NFL combine and decided it was best not to run again.

"I would like to, but physically I don't think I can run any faster," he said of his combine time. "The main thing I wanted to do was feed off my position drills, get better out here and bench well, because I didn't bench at the combine.

As for where he might be drafted, Halapio really doesn't know.

"I have no idea honestly," he said. "I am just sticking to it day by day. The only thing I have been hearing from scouts is that my junior year was better than my senior year. The main thing that everyone wanted to see was if I could bench again. I think I did pretty good… it felt good. Nobody said anything about my MRI's at the combine. Everything is good it was just a matter of time for me to come out here and bench and do well."

And now he has to finally say goodbye to his playing and practice time at Florida. That part isn't going to be easy.

"Saturdays," he said when asked about what he will miss the most. "I am going to miss game days. (Playing with my brothers) comes along with Saturdays… along with winning."

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